TEXT TOPIC: Does your spouse have a hard time holding a job?

My brother in law! They have 9 kids and in the last 5 yrs they have moved 7 Times. Wyoming then Virginia to Michigan to Montana to Texas to Maui to then Oahu and are now looking to come back to UT in the coming weeks because he keeps getting fired. Sad for all those kids

my EX husband couldn't go more than a few months to a year at a job. If there was 1 thing that he didn't like there, he quit and found a new one. Smh

my sister in law’s husband has not had a job longer than 2 years for the last 18 years. He currently is only working part time. She’s been the sole support for their family of 4 for years.

married 12yrs he's had 9 jobs current for 2 yrs seems stable but he is always applying for new positions, last layoff about broke me

my sister in laws fiancé cannot hold any job he makes excuses and just keeps being either fired or quitting and won’t last more than a couple months on each job.

My ex-friend. He couldn’t keep a job so he started getting involved in pyramid scheme type jobs to "be his own boss" but would make his friends feel guilty for not buying/investing.

My wife's cousin has had 5 jobs in the 8 months he's been married. His wife works 2 jobs while he stays home and sleeps all day. Lazy POS!

husband couldn't hold down a job he didn't want to take his bosses shit but it's in every job, so far this job is at a year crossing my fingers

my husband keep getting fired our first year of marriage and it was because of depression. Perhaps that’s a factor?

my bff hubby. Idk what his deal is but he can't keep jobs. 2 kids, had to sell their condo, bff has to work now. So sad.

my significant other and I have been together for 5-6 years, since we were about 19/20 and at first that seemed to be an issue but I''m so happy to say it was just some growing up that needed to happen. And now we both are working full time good paying jobs

ex quit THREE jobs after 1 day. Depressed an unemployed most of marriage (only 1.5yr). Turns out he is bipolar

struggle with post partum depression and bipolar and since being back to work I've had 3 jobs

My ex wife went through 4 or so jobs in a matter of months, saying it was anxiety that kept her from going in to work.

In 2.5 yrs, my husband has had 7 jobs. Because of laziness, quitting/getting fired. And I've had 7 jobs too, but because of pregnancy.

my brother in-law has had 43 jobs in 19 years. He always quits or here’s fired because he thinks he knows everything and does it better than his boss and co-workers.

One if my close friends. Her ex husband was successful when they were dating and first married and after about two years would not keep a job. He would quit a job and just stay at home video games while she worked full-time and going to school for your masters after two years of this they ended up getting a divorce

my brother in law has this girl he’s been dating who moved in with him after a few weeks. She not only uses him but can’t keep a job for longer than a few months. We tell him to run but he likes the chaos! #therapystat

My ex-fiance, now just bf (hell of a story) has been jobless since March. He has not been actively searching and I usually have to help him pay his rent. #loveisblind #loveisstupid

just ended a 3 year relationship due to him being on his 4th job since April.... We have a baby together! It was hard to leave

dated a guy who couldn't hold a job more than a month or 2. Also has 5 kids. Needless to say it didn't last.

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