TEXT TOPIC: What is your new expensive hobby?

just started riding a motorcycle again and gear is expensive

Playing golf and of course I need to buy all new clubs . Expensive AF

FITNESS is my expensive hobby. Gym, boot camps and just added hot yoga

mountain biking. New bike cost $1,300. More expensive than the blue book on my 07 Chevy aveo

my guys newest hobbies magic the gathering (card game) prices on cards range from .13 cents to upwards of $100 per card each deck has at least 60+ card

kairos fitness! It's a circus gym. It's so fun and I don’t feel like I'm working out. I ended up buying equipment for my house

Expensive hobby. Harley. Ugh!!

Golf ! over $1000 spent in a month for clubs , clothes and tee times. I told him to shove the golf sticks up his ass and get back to work as a hobby

my husband has done every expensive hobby!! RC Cars, Metal Detecting, Drones (he has four!), Coin Collecting... He has a new one every year!

my husband went from "cowboy" to "houndsman" we now have 3 hounds...

my husband started completive trap shooting and in addition to the cost of ammunition.. he’s buying more guns and accessories plus the cost to enter tournaments and travel! I keep telling him I am going to find and equally expensive habit but hair and nails are not even coming close!!!

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