TEXT TOPIC: Is your significant other a bad kisser?

My husband and I have been together for 10 years!! I love kissing (tongue) but he is a HORRIBLE kisser!! He only uses like a half inch of his tongue when we kiss!! So there isn’t much "French kissing" at all! It sucks! I’m great at it!!

my bf has never kissed (or more obviously). We're talking marriage. But I'm terrified he's going to be terrible.

11 years together and nothing more than an occasional peck because kissing him was like making out with a hormonal 12-year-old experiencing his first kiss.

my BF of 5 years is a God awful kisser, and he has cheese breath... But everything else is awesome

My sister in law says my brother is awful! Too loose and wet

my boyfriend is a sloppy kisser. He always leave saliva on my bottom lip. I have to wip it off and the go back for more. It’s like he’s trying to eat me instead of kiss me. But I’ll never tell him that.

I've been married for 7 years and my husband is a bad kisser. I miss a good make out session but we have great sex.

I'm the bad kisser... I have big front teeth, they always seem to get in the way

my wife kisses like a deer trying to eat an apple through a chain link fence....... but I love her anyway

dated a guy that kissed like a sucker fish. I tried really hard to help teach him.... let s just say we didn t make it.

hubby ALWAYS makes me lead. After 10 years I'm over it. Take charge man!

I talk to my boyfriend about this all the time.. he give a centimeter of tongue and opens is mouth all the way. I get more saliva around my mouth

It’s me, I’m not the greatest kisser. My husband told me that when we first met I wasn’t the best kisser but I’ve gotten better throughout the years = I guess the kissing part didn’t matter. We are still together after 20 years.

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