TEXT TOPIC: Did you receive a backhanded compliment?

had a coworker tell me when I was 7 months pregnant you hardly look pregnant.....except for your face. Whaaaa??!

"You're pretty for a redhead" is a nice one I hear *rolls eyes* that's like saying "you're not that sweaty for a fat girl" lol uh thanks?!?

from my mom, You look good today, what did you do different?

a lady said to me 'I love your shirt....it's so hard to find cute shirts for big girls like us' Ps she was way bigger than me! Haha

mother in law said you are looking great. Maybe I ll cut out sweets too, if you can do it I m sure I can do it. I worked really hard to get where I am. Shut up.

Even if you never lose the weight you've gained, at least you've still got a pretty face.

It's always "you look good FOR HAVING FOUR KIDS" or "you look good FOR SOMEONE WHO JUST HAD A BABY."

you look so much better than you did last year

"it's good that you have such a pretty face!"

My sister came to see my new home that was designed by a local designer. Her response was "Well it definitely looks like you?" What the hell?

I have always struggled with weight and some people would say to me, you are so pretty, if only you can lose some weight!

A guy just told me that I'm really good looking "for my age!"

A co worker told me, you look so skinny. I replied thank you, She then said I think it's the cut of your vest, it's making you look smaller

coworker said...you look better than usual today.

"you're really pretty...for a short girl" didn't realize going tall was a prerequisite for attractiveness

at neighborhood breakfast yesterday, neighbor said "I thought you needed nice legs to wear shorts", I shot back "that explains why you are wearing long pants" . End of conversation both enjoyed jabbing at each other

I wish I spent as little time as you do getting ready every morning/I wish I felt so comfortable not wearing makeup as often as you

I went to a party the other day with a group of friends that I hadn’t really gone out with. when I was talking with a new person and we were having a pretty good time they said, "I don’t care what anybody says you’re actually pretty cool"

after being in the same church 18 years, lady comes up from behind me and says "your hair is so thick and pretty all these years I thought it would get thinner and fall but it still hasn’t." What?!

dressed up as Napoleon for Halloween and my cousin says "wow you look great. Did you put weight on for it?"

"I'm glad you're comfortable with your disability, I could never do it." I have mild cerebral palsy

this week I wore pigtail braids to work(yes cause I didn''t want to do my hair) some guy said: your pig tail braids look good, I thought about doing that today too but thought it was inappropriate for work.

Some lady in my neighborhood I've known for years saw me at a graduation and said. Oh wow I didn't recognize you since you lost the baby fat!

I lost 30lbs one year and my boss let me know she noticed. I asked if I was starting to look skinny, and she said "well I wouldn't say that!"

Was watching The Neighbors show for my balcony last night maybe a hundred feet away they had the giant fireworks that where is right above us and atone point the wind blew and I got a piece of debris in my eye that was still very very hot!

my neighbors yard caught fire last night at like 12pm. The neighbor behind them lost control of their fireworks. I was all scared and woke everyone in my apartment and told them to get out. Burned down a tree and 3 cars they had in their yard

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