TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a 4th of July mishap?

my neighbor almost burned down his house by having a bottle rocket tilt and almost flew into the pile of propane tanks.

Caught the neighbor’s yard on fire and had a firework box tip over and shoot all over the place...=D #disaster

Friend tried putting out sparkler with her mouth. 2nd degree burns. Wasn’t enough. She then tried to "blow fire". She doesn’t have eyebrows now. Smh

my mother in law shot a firework on her neighbors roof. luckily they weren't home and they were able to put it out

I was at a park someone was doing fireworks at and their truck bed was smoking. I told him and he said it was fine. 10 minutes later the truck was on fire. Moron

couple of years ago we lit our neighbors boat on fire after a firework malfunctioned. That was an EXPENSIVE holiday. We will NEVER buy or light fireworks again

Fireworks scared my sweet dog so bad he bit my daughter on her toe & punctured the skin and everything

round firework blew up right when the fuse was lite it had 8 shots so it was pointed at all our families 3rd and 2nd degree burns including up a mans shorts

we had a faulty firework that exploded low to the ground instead of in the air and started not 1 but 2 fires in the neighbors backyard. Luckily we had a hose out and were able to put them out before it got worse!

The past three years my family has had fireworks start fires or bkow up or hit a family member unexpectedly. We didn’t do any this year

ppl came2the vacant lot behind our apartments. took my2toddlers out2watch.startd good & then aerial tipped & shot in all directions including right @us

we had a firework tip over catch the neighbors lawn on fire. Another one had one shoot into the garage catch the garbage on fire and hit an adult in the eye.

we had an aerial tip over last night 1 shot into a dry field luckily no fire 1 shot into my wife holding my 2 year-old son (axle) she got welt on her knee

lighted a firework which the box blew up put to holes in our and our neighbors fence, safe to say we are not buying that brand of firework again

grilled burgers last night outside and set the smoke alarm off three separate times will not grill burgers on the patio again.

neighbors yard across the street is unkept & full of weeds. Caught fire from very little contact with falling sparks. Keep your yard up people.

tons of fireworks in cul-de-sac 6 fireworks misfired & came straight at me & fam sitting in yard, we packed up early bc it was too much

a few years ago my 6 year old daughter had a firework land in her lap after a malfunction. 2nd degree burns.

Last year. Aerial tipped over. Started shooting toward people and houses. Everyone running. 8 months pregnant sister hid behind lawn chair. Mom fell off porch somehow, broke rib. Neighbor’s garage open, firework shot in started small fire. Other neighbor burned blocking baby’s face. Epic... fail.

bottle rocket tipped over and shot into my neighbors garage and hit the gas thing and apparently was leaking methane and blew the house up... I am so tired.

my four boys wanted to see if you could fly with bottle rockets taped to your ankles so a few years ago, they strapped bottle rockets to my 12 year old sons ankles. Needless to say, he never lifted off but did get 3rd degree burns. I was awaken by them scrambling around the house looking for first aid supplies

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