TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?

Slept with my step brother

there's a lady at work that pisses me off. She's always on a diet, so I bring in her favorite treat for the office candy jar.

secret I need prayers today, second step with HR in sexual harassment claim. Scared and nervous, but not a victim!

I was a sugar baby for years and quit1 month before i met my boyfriend. He doesn’t know and i will NEVER tell him.

I told you about a crush I had on my secretary a few weeks ago, I had her promoted/transferred to another department, Temptation gone

38 yr old Service Manager at work sleeps with 18 year old. Always in office, they sneak away to work out. She screenshot conversations & posted on social

my secret is I am bi. Most of my friends dont know that I am, but I usually go out and hookup with guys. So I have to make up a ton of excuses to slip away

had sex with a man 40 years older then me for $400 when i was 20. No reason other then it was exciting

when I was in my addiction I would lead the dealers on as if I would sleep with them to get as much free stuff I could till they wanted it I would bounce to the next.

If I could afford it, I would probably not be married to you anymore. I don't hate you but I'm no longer in love with you. You've let yourself go

A couple years ago my college professor told me he would give me the answers to all the exams if I slept with him, and I did it.

slept with your best friend just to hurt U, after being faithful to you for 3 years and U cheating on me the whole time & I don't feel a bit of remorse.

I'm a flight attendant and I'm sick of stupid people!

I am constantly sexting and having sex with a girl I have no intention of marrying

my BBF husband offered me $2000 for a bj and I did it. I regret doing it 100%

I'm planning on getting pregnant in November but not telling my husband till Christmas

have been having sex with my boyfriend. I'm an RM, and my fam doesn't know

I get paid to chat with men about sexually explicit things for money

got my tubes tied because my husband wanted me too! Apart of me hates him for that I wanted one more . I pray that I''m the 1%that would still get pregnant.

hiding from my kids in the bathroom to listen to your show.

have a craving for cocaine. I've tried it once and can't shake the craving.

husband's friend told me he loved me. I never told my husband or the friend's spouse

I blocked my father in law on my husbands phone because I can't stand him. My husband has no idea i did that.

i am in a toxic emotionally abusive friendship, i don't know how to end it because I'm scared of him and no one knows

cheated on my husband with my high school crush when he left salt lake for work

have been with my boyfriend for 7 years have a baby together he was the only man I had ever been with until recently I had a one night stand

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