TEXT TOPIC: What is a small gesture your loved one does that you love?

I am a girl and work with all guys in a sketch area and my techs leave lights on if they have been there first and also text me to let me know they were there.

I take my mom out and Pamper her since my oldest brother passed I tell her it's my turn in life and I'm the baby of 8.

My husband is a stay at home dad but still gets up with me every day and makes my food for the day.

My husband makes the coffee every night, writes a sweet note and leaves it in a coffee cup so I can see it when I can wake up.

my husband shows up randomly with a Diet Coke and cookie at my work. It makes my day!! Love you guys!!!

I live out of state & have depression. My mom will randomly send me flowers or order something from Amazon to surprise me when I'm having a rough week.

husband gives me a foot rub at night whenever I've had a bad day.

My husband grocery shops every week. He does it after work. I'm a stay at home mom with 3 kids and it's a nightmare to take them with me.

my hubs work in Nd I only see him every 8 weeks but everyday/night he texts me he loves me.... I worry when I don't get one.

my husband will put the towels in the dryer is he knows I'm getting in the shower so I have warm towels to get out of the shower and I love it.

my coworker (the work hubby) will bring me a box of Hot Tamale candies every couple of months from the gas station. It's the sweetest!

My mama and I work together. Every morning she sends me a good morning message. I look forward to it every day!! She will retire in a couple years and I don’t know what I''ll do!

I'm a guy finally starting to date a guy who pays attention to the details and remembers the little things. That's always been one sided before.

my parents buy our baby diapers and wipes every month, so we don't have to! #betterthantoys

pass/agg... Moments. Thanks to all on commute that pull out with no room, then 20mph under. Air in my lungs, please continue...

my husband brings my 4-year-old and 5-month-old out to the driveway to greet me when I get home from work.

My Husband will randomly vacuum if I go grocery shopping I love it it means a lot to me.

my husband will write a little love note on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker so I can see it when I get home from work because there are days we won’t see each other since I work in the morning and he works evenings.

Preparing for a baby next week. My mom showed up last night with weeks’ worth of frozen meals. She does little things that does so much! Don’t know what I would do without her.

my wife who is never a cook me dinner every single night

When my kids tell me that they love me.

When my wife cleans up the house after a long day even when I know she's had a long day. Our 1st Anniversary is this weekend since we got married! My turn

My mom is so wonderful and threats each of her kids to a mini vacation every few years. She knows how much I need a vacation and she is taking me to Vegas to see Gwen Stefanie next week. Woohoo.

my ex's Grandma so my daughter's great grandma time-to-time puts money in my bank account for her because my ex is a deadbeat and doesn't pay child support.

my hubby cleans and makes dinner and puts baby to bed Monday nights, so we can have our bachelorette at home date nights when I come home from work.

when I ask for a small fry when I'm eating out with my boyfriend he ALWAYS gets me a large.

my husband will randomly bring me a Hershey bar with almonds and a Diet Coke. He knows they are my favorite and he''ll do it just because. Seems so silly but it’s so special to me :)

my husband initiates walking the dogs in the evening.

Small but relevant: my guy leaves earlier than I do in the AM, but he makes sure to prep my coffee EVERY morning. On weekends: he makes my cup and brings it to me. Small, but one of the sweetest gestures between us for 7 yrs.

Moved here from southern Ohio in 95...I miss squirrels so my sister sends me a picture of a squirrel every week.

My husband tucks me into bed every night.

my husband will randomly bring home my favorite soda and candy. It's something so tiny but i love that he's thinking about me through the day.

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