TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! July 2, 2018

I'm leaving for Florida for a week long vacation tomorrow! Leaving my phone on airplane mode the whole trip so I can fully enjoy myself

Dad & I got pulled over- dad's license was expired & didn't know. I just got my permit. Cop waited & pulled us over again, & let us switch seats.

Sister gave birth to a little girl Friday! So cute! Welcome baby Audrey!

2 day work week then camping!!! Fishing, swimming, waterskiing, paddle boarding. Going to be an epic 4 days!

something good: finally on the downhill side of working 10 days straight! Today and tomorrow then off for 5 days

went under contract for the purchase of our 1st home

going to retire in two Years

had a great time in your cool little town of Kamas Saturday for all star baseball

was the only one in my area that hit my sales goal for last week. Busiest week of the year

my boyfriend and I just drove 2300 miles (36 hours) across the country with his dog. Broken windshield, windshield wiper flying off, broken AC & but we made it and can start enjoying living in the same state!

came to work this morning to a standing building! It caught fire last night but didn't hit the building so that's good.

we just moved into our newly built home. Yay for dreams becoming reality

My Argentina team lost the World Cup game On Saturday so I can now finally enjoy watching the World Cup

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