TEXT TOPIC: Did you parent shame? or did someone parent shame you?

get parent shamed for still breastfeeding my 20 month old. Not sure why anyone cares, it's only right before bed but mostly it's no one's business

When I had my twins I decided to exclusively pump breast milk for them and I was shamed so bad for not "breast-feeding"

One of my friends posted a picture of her young child on Facebook using the bathroom because they were potty training. I parent shamed her for posting that picture on social media

mommy groups on Facebook... FILLED with parent shaming. I’m in a few of them and I’ve had to leave a lot cause of it. It’s amazing how grown women bash on other mothers for the most ridiculous things. Makes me sick!

had somebody shame me when my boy was two because he was so small they were convinced that we were neglecting him and not feeding him. He’s just as small kid always has been

feel like I get parent shamed all the time because I asked my mom not to kiss my son because she has cold sores. Also people are constantly trying to shame me because I want my son babysat at my house and not taken anywhere when they are watching him.

my mother in law literally parent shames me everyday. My daughter is 11 months and it's been 11 months of constant parent shaming. So annoying.

friend bought a 6pk of beer with her kids at the market and the clerk gave her a lecture of how it's bad for kids and to keep it out of reach

My coworker regularly asks how daycare is going but she told another co-worker that she would never put her child in daycare. She has no children.

My brother-in-law was shamed for weight shaming his 6 year old type 1 diabetic daughter because she commented on how many carbs were in something.

get parent shamed by both of my brothers. They have unruly kids that act awful. And I''m strict. My kids get a warning, time out and spank/pinch. As soon as my kids understand what NO means (within reason). But I''m the younger sibling, sorry not sorry, my 2 year old acts better than your 14 year old.

always parent shamed with my twins with people telling me I need to cut their hair or they need their binkys taken away. Most of these people don''t know what''s its like to have twins.

get parent shamed constantly by my ex husband and fianc about our 12 year old daughter. Most recently for letting her wear her gymnastics leo and shorts to a movie.

I was the best parent in the world until I became a parent. Then karma kicked my butt and I never shammed again.

sister is getting married in Mexico 09/01 & I am taking my 7 year old, my boss was Talking crap to coworker about taking him out of school for it.

I highlighted my 10 yr old daughters brown hair with a subtle honey blond. An older lady at church told me it wasn’t appropriate and asked me what was next... a tattoo? I answered no, working the streets was the obvious next step. *eye roll*

parent shame my cousin cause she still breastfeeds her 5 year old. Its gross now

neighbor tried shaming me for letting my son in the field with arthritic horse who can barely move

My daughter has naturally curly hair. Very tight curls. I used to get accused of perming my 6 month old daughter''s hair all the time. As if I would perm my baby''s hair. Parent shamed. Back off its natural

If you have to keep alcohol out of reach of the kids..... who is going to bring me beers?????? Jk well not really.

was shamed at a Costco when a lady said my son shouldn’t be holding a baby doll and mentioned maybe he needed heals....umm was two who are these people? I just turned my back and ignored her.

was parent shamed for giving my 1 1/2 year old chicken nuggets from McDonald's once

My sister was parent shamed when her son was diagnosed with leukemia. Someone said to her "maybe if you didn’t feed him hot dogs & Mac & cheese all the time, he wouldn’t have gotten cancer"

got mad at a guy that brought his toddler to see Jurassic world at the theater and let them run around the theater making noise

Daughter received visit from breast fairy and her bicycle pump in 7th grade. Was accused of allowing breast implants more than. Once.. WTF??? She was 12

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