TEXT TOPIC: Did you ghost a job?

the director at my school stopped coming to work last week. Haven't heard from her since! She dropped her Keys off without a word and that was it.

was training a new fuel truck driver and he just ghosted me he disconnected his phone after 2weeks it sucked for him he lost his last paycheck people just don’t have a good work ethic

left a job 2 weeks in because it was not what I signed up for and had a really terrible experience. Ghosting my manager was the only way that I could think to handle it, otherwise I think I might have said something I regretted and ruined my reputation even more

own several businesses and have been in the receiving end of ghosting...almost every time they’ve tried to come back when they realize the grass wasn’t greener on the other side. Moral of the story don t burn your bridges

ghosted a movie theater job for something better

receiving end about 40% of all my CNAs ghost me upon hiring after I already paid $55 for their background check pisses me off waists of time a-holes

our co does temp2hire & I've had temp workers come 4 interviews, say they're interested, & never show up 4 the 1st day. It happens all the time!

It goes the other way too. My daughter was ghosted by an employer. They started cutting her hrs, then wouldn''t respond to her calls or texts. So unprofessional!

I''m a supervisor in a large company in Clearfield we have people come in for A-day or 2 and then leave before their 1st break with no explanation Very frustrating to expect them to be there and then come back from break and they''re gone

I’m on the job side of this and it happens all the time. We have to call them to confirm their job start date and We always get 5or 6 people who don''t respond. I just keep calling and emailing them until they tell me they took another job.

hired a new employee, she came to work for the first week. The second week no call no show no response. So we sent the cops to her apartment to make sure she was OK. She was home watching TV, no excuse, just didn''t want to work for us.

Tried to tell the recruiter in an email when they were asking about paper work and they just ignored my comment of better job. I quit answering.

Someone put in their two weeks and then didn t show up the next day. Wouldn’t respond to text messages or phone calls, and didn’t even come in to pick up the last few checks.

Supervisor at a call center. I would say 1 out of 20 people would ghost after we offer the job, during the hiring process the number is much higher.

was offered a job, low offer, I countered, they countered... 4X later I just stopped responding. I knew they really wanted me, but to continue to low-ball made me change my mind

work in HR and I am the recruiter so I am the one that sets up interviews. I also call and gives offer letters... It happens all of the time it''s crazy you would think that people would have manners just a simple response of yes or no not even happening

used to be a manager in a previous position and this would happen ALL THE TIME! I would try and call to offer the position and would get my phone calls rejected or never returned. So unprofessional!

I hire 5-8 guys per week. Usually only 1-2 will show up and out of those only 1 in 15 will work out!

13 interviews scheduled 3 show up. So annoying! We keep a list of ghosters, no 2nd chances

We call it Job Abandonment. Happens all the time cuz people are cowards!!!!

got a friend an interview got the job and never showed up. Texted them no response. Made me look bad

store manager of a retail store. Set up a group interview with 5 people and have one person show up.

had a cowrker of 2 yrs stop showing up for work one day. Wouldn''t respond to anyone. We tried her emergency contact too. Called her other job andthey said she''s still working there and fine.

when I was younger I got offered a position at a call center. They gave me a tour of the building, the employees looked miserable I never showed up.

temp worker accepted job, didn't show up, they never called temp service, wouldn't answer phone. So I called from my cell, answered&said they moved

this happens all the time. I work at a call center and we have a specific process for what to do when this happens. It even happens after 3+ months

HR Manger here, in the last 18 months its been a nightmare hiring people, have to make 3 to 5 offers per job average

This happens at my work ALL the time. During the hiring process. Training. After a couple days of working. Even a couple months in. People just stopshowing up and you never hear from them again.

just recently started working for a hotel.

Before getting the job I had turned in 15 resumes looking for another job. I explained this to my new boss and told her that it''s annoying when companies advertise they''re hiring but won''t even give you an interview. She then explained she has had numerous people come in for the interview and accept the position, but never show up! That''s crazy!

my work is hiring, 2 out of 3 interviews will Ghost!! They'll set up the time and not show up!! So rude

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