TEXT TOPIC: What was your Summer vacation fail?

went on a bus tour of New England with some cousins. None of us knew if was a Chinese tour when it was booked. It was mostly in Chinese and the tour guide didn’t like our group of 4 White girls. Very long week

went to France got bit by a German Shepherd (stray) had to have rabies shots my husband fell broke his leg and ankle 5 days in a French hospital Instead of Paris. All the same trip---got bit by the dog just walking by. Didn’t look at the dog. He just bit the back of my calf after I walked by. Had two punctures in my calf from his fangs

My brother had to do what Jeff did, his passport was expired, he flew to Colorado to get same day passport to leave the next day for Europe

headed to Vegas for a kids free weekend. Make it to nephi when we blow 2 tires on the freeway. Uh never mind, we'll just stay here

my brother lives in Orlando, he notice his passport expired the day before his vacation. He had to drive to Miami to get it renewed.

Went to the Caribbean in June for my sisters graduation trip. Her passport came back with the wrong DOB we had to pay to expedite it back and fourth for them to fix it before we left

About 10 years ago I planned a trip with my husband and 5 other couples to Cabo. We flew out of Chicago with a layover in Phoenix. In Chicago we got breakfast and I "think" I put my passport in my breakfast bag. We ran into a friend and I completely spaced. We were distracted. We boarded to AZ andI was in the plane. I told my husband "I feel like something is wrong" and then a priest boarded the plane and I really freaked out! When we got to AZI found my passport missing. I threw it away in Chicago w my garbage! I had to stay in AZ with family and this was a Friday. Monday I drive to Tucson for an expedited passport. This passport place just opened 3 weeks earlier!! I didn''t get to Cabo until Tuesday! We left that Friday. I made the most of it tho!!

went to Disneyland with the kids. Accidentally bought Disney WORLD Orlando tickets. Damn you Groupon!

almost didn't make it to Hawaii, to celebrate my 30th bday. Because my Drivers License would expire while I was gone.

Had a cruise planned in April with my family. The night before I realized that We didn''t have my 2 1/2 yr olds birth certificate.. can''t get on the boat without it... needless to say we didn''t make the cruise

my hubby called me at work THE DAY BEFORE we were leaving for Cabo-a Friday-his passport had expired. meeting friends from chicago- I was PISSED

my husband and I both got the stomach flu on the first day of vacation. We were sharing a beach house with my whole family & I was 7 months pregnant.. hubby didn’t make it to the toilet.. spaghetti throw up everywhere

got deported back to the US on my way to Amsterdam from Manchester. My passport had only one month left. England didn't care. The Netherlands did

Friday morning only a couple hours before leaving for the airport, I was packing passport and realized my husband’s passport was expired. We were taking my son on his senior trip to Thailand. Knowing we couldn’t do anything about it until Monday or even Tuesday, we changed plans at the last minute togo to Hawaii. My son was really a good sport about it considering he had been looking forward to Thailand for quite a while. He still got to scuba dive a lot so it turned out okay.

dad forgot his birth certificate for our cruise. Took my nephews certificate went to fed ex started copying it over and over while changing the date to make it look old. They accepted it lmao. They didn''t even look at my sisters birth date. 38 yr old mother of a 64 yr old

father in law was detained for like 5 hours for a cruise because he forgot his alien card as he is a Canadian citizen. Never had switch to US.

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