TEXT TOPIC: What is your getting back on the horse story?

my husband and I were in the black hills with friends on a motorcycle trip, we crashed going 30 mph, we were ok, but had to get right back on

had a baby within a year and a half of losing one of my kids during birth. I had MAJOR anxiety the last month of pregnancy.

my sister broke her back a few years ago that could've paralyzed her from the chest down. She was determined to ride a horse again. Today she is riding

Broke my left leg in a UTV accident. Out for 6 months. Parents then decided to buy a razor. I didn't have any other option but to saddle up again.

I race professional motocross. I’m 21 years old. Last year I had a terrible brain injury from a crash. I had a seizure in the dirt, when I woke up I couldn’t move my legs. It was a 2 month recovery. I’ve had a lot of injuries from racing, but this was the scariest one. I will never stop racing.

ruptured my Achilles playing a sport I''ve loved and played my entire life. Not being able to walk for almost two months was quite the toll on my family, but I''m playing again despite the risks

My uncle was a police officer and was shot by a robber but could not go near a gun but since he was a police officer he needed to go near guns

Sexually assaulted by a man of a particular race. It took me YEARS for me to not have anxiety taking to men of that same race

getting it on again with my husband after giving birth.

Dating, every time I un-pause my dating apps I have a mini anxiety attack. Millennial dating scene is scary.

my husband and I were on a flight to Anaheim... on that flight we started free falling. Most traumatic thing ever. I developed a fear of flying. I love to travel soooo I have been trying to get over this fear

Just played my first soccer game after 8 months off for a double surgery

I was at the route 91 shooting and tonight is my first time going to an outdoor country concert (Kenny chesney at usana) gotta heal and live life again

Years ago when I worked as a wrangler, a horse fell back & rolled on my leg. The next day I was back riding even with my swollen black & blue leg...ouch

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