TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

Don't complain about my lack of communication to our co workers when I've got the EMAILS that you've never responded to.

Thanks for inviting me out, saying I’m so gorgeous, but then cutting me out of all you pics on Facebook. Sorry I’m not as hot as all your friends.

to mom and dad, I'm never going to be the good Mormon daughter you want, just love me anyway.

if you wanted to be a part of my sons life you would try to see him not me bring him to you #ihavealife

Hi hubby, I know Fifa World Cup is important event 4 u this year, but get ur kulo/ass up & give our kids their breakfast. I''m @ work now, if I''m aGinnie I''ll be there in instant. So, FIFA Our Kids,Amor!!!

Babe! I love you so much but your breath is the worst

quit speeding up when I try to go around you on the freeway. You have a responsibility in that fast lane.

good job sis overbuilding your house funded by dads retirement, but by all means buy 4 cars and a cabin

geez dad first you decide to move to Costa Rica with this chick but now you're 'hippy engaged' without telling me? I'm soooo happy for you

can't with the dog hair. I just can't. I love you, love your dogs, but I think we will stick to sleepovers at my house

silence your phone at work! No one wants to hear your effing power ranger ringtone

f off! Forget im alive! Leave me alone. We are divorced! Go away!!

hey, remember how your girlfriend has a husband?! You're both dumbasses

I''m real sick of my friends acting like I''m the one with the problem because partying isn''t a priority. I''d truly rather spend time with my spouse and kids over drinking and being an unmotivated person in general. It''s gotten to the point where demonizing my character is easier for them rather then realizing maybe it''s just time to grow up.

mother in law stop asking when we are having another baby IVF is hard and expensive and you act so annoyed when we ask for help with our one kid

I tell you my grandma just passed and you ignored me completely. You texted me two days later about a party. . Grow up and act like my dad.

Okay, i took you on a date 3 years ago to angie''s in logan. Get over me!!! Stop talking to the girls i talk to and driving them away from me. I know its you syco. I am not interested. Why do you think i haven''t talked to you sense then.

my roommates girlfriend always slams cabinet doors and leaves her clothes in the bathroom. stop it Pick them up, ya gross

Stop being lame and just work like God intended you to!!!!! I want a baby SO badly so just ovulate already!!!!! I am so MAD at you!

I want you to know your a piece of work. The job is mine and remember karma is a B word. Respect goes a long way and you have none #truecolors

No one likes you because you are a manipulative evil bitch! Too bad your son (my husband) can't see through your manipulation.

Good luck finding someone who will treat you half as well as I did.

You're 40. I don't want to hear about your dating life post-divorce like when we were in HS. Work is not the right place for your drama

if you want me to respect you, do your job. You have enough to get overtime each week but you dont want to work more than 6 hrs a day.

Stop pretending you're a good father, husband, person. Over 20 affairs and at least 2 kids from them. You're a POS!

When I work 50+ hours for you and only get paid for 40 of them I don''t want to hear you complain about paying for an extra 15 min here and there, get off your high horse or I''ll show you where to shove those extra 10 hours you get a week!!

just because you go to church every Sunday doesn't mean ur better the us. My church is Sunday funday you should try it & take a chill pill

Family always asks if I'm pregnant. #imjustfat. Then mom says she better not be. I'm 26! I will when I want to!

No one wants to baby-sit your bratty kids. That fact that you’ve resorted to dropping them of in the driveway & driving off without arranging anything first is messed up.

dear sister in law this is the last time I invite you and the kids to hang out with us! being an hour and half late and then ignoring me is not cool.Get your head out of your ass the world does not revolve around you!

Stop parking where our disabled patients park. You are not a doctor, you're an Medical Assistant.

you talk about kindness and love but side with the bully mean girl. Pick a side!

just tell me you love me already...its been 7 months!

look mom, don't spit bible verses about honoring your parents. I have my own family, and your past and present behavior has consequences today

set freaking boundaries for your kids. They are terrorists. I'm so sick of your excuse making for their behavior

the gh in ugh is silent, just like through, eight, thought, tight. Please stop saying the G. You know who you are :)

Power Ranger ringtone is mine, Sorry Lou!

remember that time you talked down about me? Now you're down a good employee! #fthepawnstores

to all the people asking me when I'm going to get pregnant. Stfu. I've been married a month.

you are the most incompetent manager ever. How many people have to quit before someone figures this out?

Mom, if I want to work a weekend job to pay off student loans, I freaking can!! Leave me alone! Or pay my debts yourself

If you are so damn curious about getting grandkids would you like us to FBlive the practice? Mind ya business.

Honey, your are single handedly keeping Ross in business. Please put the card down!!!

Couples, stop getting all up close and personal at the swimming pool. Water is clear and we can see EVERYTHING you are doing. This is a family facility so keep it G!

You are so loud at work. People sitting in cubicles around you don't want to hear every conversation you have. Learn to whisper.

No one wants to hang out with you and your kids Every Sat and Sun. Find some friends and let us have a break.

Your son isn''t the only one our daughter loves. Stop saying you love daddy only to our infant daughter. She loves us both and your son is lucky as well to be married to me. I''m not the only one that is lucky in the relationship

Ok. COWS chew quieter than you! Just bc u have ur headphones in does NOT mean it silenced your damn celery and sunflower seeds! #shutyomouth

Stop complaining that you never have money. We aren''t the ones telling you to go buy a new-house, 3 new vehicles, a camper, fourwheelers and other stuff. You cry because you don''t have money to go on vacations like me and my husband do. Life is about experiences not having things

Why don''t you two stop the whining about money, go to work and put in 40 hours like everyone else. Your husband''s $700 a month marijuana habit doesn''t come first. Paying family back the tens of thousands of dollars you should be the priority. Tired of your trashiness.

stop throwing me under the bus at work. That wont save your job, but DOING your job will. Good luck bitches

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