TEXT TOPIC: What did you do on your birthday that was out of character?

When I turned 30 I got a tattoo. Very active member of LDS church.

drank alcohol

2012- went to Vegas w/ my brothers & mom for the Madonna concert. Got smashed, so glad because we lost our mom a couple years later

Decided to get highlights for my 40th. It fried my over-processed hair. Had to wear wig for engagement pics and wedding

For my 50th bday went to el Chihuahua had two deathstars and came home and smoke some weed. Was totally wasted. Watched my flameless candle the rest of the night Had been 25 years since I did that.

went to Vegas and got high. Best sleep I had all year mmm yes

turned 50 got 2 tattoos... hubby thought waste of $ . Oh well

Im a very introverted person, on my 21st bday I drank so much that i was dancing on stage, was in a little bar fight and did bad things in the backseat of an uber.

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