TEXT TOPIC: What is the story behind your scar?

my body is riddled with scars. Years and years of health issues and surgeries. 100 spinal taps and after losing 170 lbs I'm finally on the mend.

have a scar on my chest/belly, I wasn't supposed to climb on a peach tree, my mom called me inside I got scared, let go and slid down the tree.

When I was 2, I got scratched by a dog across my face on accident (he was jumping out of the way) It got me below my eye, on my cheek, and across my nose

have over 200 scars from self harm. My worst one that goes from my wrist to the inside the crease of my elbow is now covered by a tattoo

rolled over on a brown recluse in my sleep in high school. 23 years later, still have a scar about dime size on my elbow from the bite.

scar from appendix removal at 7 years old, almost burst. 12 1/2 years ago doctor use that same place for c-section and cleaned it up for me. Best scar ever!!!

have a scar shaped like a snake down my thigh from getting walking into and caught on a water pump at girls camp. Snipe hunting is dangerous

When I was little, I tripped and hit my head on my dad''s trailer and cut my ear in half. The scar kinda looks like a zit on my ear and my friend tried to pick it! She was arguing that it was a zit, I know my body, it''s a scar!

new boobie scars!!!! Great Dr minimal scars.

have a 4 inch long scar on my right forearm from when I fell out the back of a truck and landed on my elbow snapping both bones in my arm

my scar is where my melanoma was removed! Cancer free for a week now!

scar on shins from bro in law pulling me under on provo lake trying to save himself. Scar on hand from breaking it in dodgeball and had surgery. Acl scar.

have a scar down my left arm from a slip & fall from slipping on my driveway 2010 twisted fracture just above elbow

have 3 scars down my chest from open heart surgery. My last surgery was 3 years ago getting my pulmonary artery replaced. I love my zippers and wear them proud

Fire fighter= I hit my head on the fire engine = first day at the fire house. Needed 12 stitches. Now my nick name is scar!!

there's a crater looking scar on my shoulder. Everyone always asks & gets surprised when I tell them it's from skin cancer. I'm 26, wear your sunscreen kids

5 knee surgeries three on the right two on the left. Forever scars of how much of an idiot I was in high school

was ran over by a tractor at age 4, 33 now. Scar is under my right peck where they had to shove a tube in.

Deep scar on the elbow, from when I was a child riding my bike and the handlebars fell off!

I was in a head on collision with a tractor trailer. Have a "Harry Potter" scar and two others by my eye. Just glad to be alive.

I've had to open heart surgeries one when I was eight and then back in 2014. My scar is from Middle top of my chest to my sternum I am now 24

had open heart surgery at the age of 20. I was born with a heart defect that went unnoticed.

Scar on back of left hand below thumb, shape for a hot lighter from bio mothers boyfriend when I was about 2. Reminds me ever day to be a better mom to my babies.

When i was born, my esophagus was hooked to my windpipe. I have a scar from under my right breast all the way to the middle of my back. It used to make me self-conscious but after all these years I''ve kind of forgotten about it

Scar on my ring finger from slicing lettuce, my mom always said don't cut yourself before I started, she forgot to this time. She remembered too late

have a large scar on my arm. I looks like I sliced my arm. I got it when I was 2 years. So I don''t remember it happening but I was burned from the stove tipping over. My sister was climbing on

it, there was hot food and it landed on her and me. Guess the stoves in the 80''s were really crappy....

My brother has a scar on his ear lobe from a fish hook. My Mom went to cast and caught my younger brother instead.

My scar is from brain surgery! I love showing it off!

scar over my left eye. Bro tried 2 kill me w/ broken metal wagon handle. Sliced my face Plastic surgery when I was 6 so I wouldn't have 2 eyebrows.

have two scars on my big toes from my bunion surgeries. I had them since I was a kid from walking on my toes. I wore 2 different boots for 6 week seach one summer.

have a "Zipperhead". A scar I am proud of, because I am a survivor of Chiari Malformation. I have had two spinal decompressions to alleviate the symptoms and keep me alive! Shout out to my fellow Chiarians!

had braces and i went on a water slide and slid into a wall. The braces completely scared my mouth

was riding my bike as a kid and went up a hill and didn't quite make it and wheeled backwards to the concrete and have a nice elbow scare to show for it.

huge dimple in my cheek from running down a hill and straight into a tire when I was five.

scar across my neck from breaking my neck on a trampoline...neck is now made of metal

star shaped scar on my shine from pushing off my sister while waiting for the school bus. She kicked me with her new cow girlboots with a star on the toe tip

texting on behalf of my brother-in-law he was a part of the cokeville miracle bombing he has a scar from the explosion

My dad has a huge scar on his calf from walking through a glass door, the glass filleted it completely open

Triangle shaped scar on my knee back in the day riding in the back of our Ford pinto.. dad hit a bump had glass coke bottles one tipped broke open and shot glass into my knee

chainsaw jumped up from a knot and hit left shoulder. When I was 15. 5 in long scar on left shoulder

scar on my head from a load a galvanized pipe coming of the trailer and making a convertible out of my truck

Left leg. 1 inch above my knee all the way to my hip. Fell out of a tree when I was 7. The step was no longer there but the nail was I found out

have one on my right eyebrow from my brother tossing a phone on my sisters bed while I was sitting on it. It bounced hit me and the metal antenna cut me down my eye. I was four. a dog jumped on me and split my left eyebrow the same year my right one was slashed and stitched up

my scar from my emergency c-section. I have a lot of scars but that one is most important to me

because it''s when I had to have c-section due to my daughter passing away unexpectedly while still in the womb. A scar I wear proudly every single day.

donated my right kidney to a stranger. I have a sweet scar!

have a scar on the side of my right eye about an inch long. A Rottweiler bit me when I was around 4. Docs said if it had been any closer and I would''ve lost my right eye.

my son has scars on his lips after having his bilateral cleft lip repaired. He's barely 2 and has had 4 surgeries already 3 were on his lips. Brave boy!

moon shaped scar on my ring finger from a crazy EX He squeezed my hand so tight that his nail dug into my finger

have a scar on my right temple about the size of a pen back. I got it when I was about 5 or so because I was out in a field with my mom and her boyfriend at the time while they were shooting arrows and I got lucky enough to be an accidental target. Haha oops

was bit by our family dog when I was 10, it tore my face up. I still have a scar on my upper lip that''s about three quarters of an inch, after plastic surgery.I have people ask me what happened to my face, I''m now 50. Ugh, people!

3 surgeries to get my endometriosis removed.

when I was three I was playing with a trailer clamp that was spring loaded and it snapped down and cut the tip of my middle finger almost all the wayoff it healed and now my finger nail grows lopsided and I have a scar across the middle of the tip of the finger

rashed my bike at 7 or 8 years old and still have a purple scar covering my knee. Now I have a new scar over it. I broke my knee cap and the Drs.found a tumor. I had it removed in January.

have an 8 inch scar down my righy leg from 3 major knee surgeries with a total of 17 surgeries before I turned 25. I also have a c-section scar

I was at my uncle's house in the winter and he had bricks and I kneed down and brick cut my

knee open didn't tell mom for 3 days I had to have 55 stitches

Scar on my left arm from hot oil that splashed on me when I was making sweet and sour chicken

my son (7) was a 24 weeker triplet. He had NEC & had 6 surgeries because of that. Big scar across his belly, some on his chest, abdomen. Scar on hisside from PDA (heart) surgery.

when I was five I was in the backyard of a friend''s house to pet their dog it jumped up and bit me on my bottom lip and tore a chunk out. I had to have several stitches and now I have a fear of dogs

Nothing too exciting but I have a great scar from my 4 C-Sections then hysterectomy. My doc said he wished he could have just put in a zipper.

My worst scar is from my appendix. I had HORRIBLE complications so the scar is massive and indents into my stomach.

jumped off a chair at 18 months and split my nose open. Mom says I was completely calm when doctors stitched me up.

proudly wear the excess skin "scars" I wear from having lost 87lbs.

At age 15, eye injury, Scar through the middle of my left eye, a frozen 7-up bottle left in a freezer, Exploded, 3 1/2 hr surgery, 40 stiches later,srill scarred at 57

I was about 11, was climbing a chain linked fence. Slipped & tore my arm down to the bone. 52 stitches

A scar on my knee I got when I was 8. I stepped in front of my dog to save her from a cat attacking her. The cat latched onto my leg like a tree

as a kid was ironing my shirt on ironing board- topless. Distracted Watching 9/11 happening on tv and iron sliced horizontally against my stomach

huge scar under my chin from my older sister pushing me down the driveway in an old stroller

because she was mad and it tipped causing the uncovered handle to cut my chin.

got surgery on my left leg because I broke my femur in that leg in a mining accident. I have a big scar from the surgery.

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