TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something good :) June 25, 2018

Stay at Home Mom..have a job interview at Costco tomorrow

My boyfriend's divorce was finalized! I'm no longer dating a married man. Hahaha

Grammy from Mesquite won $4700 Sat night Cha-Ching

I only have 3 days of work this week and then off to the uintas to go camping Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday much needed vacation can't wait!

i was adopted as a baby and now in my 30s. Recently found my birth parents, both amazing people and I’m so happy.

Just came back from completing our first Portland Naked Bike Ride. Funnest event ever! Already making plans for next year!

I'm coming to Utah to visit from FL! So glad to leave FL for a little bit!

My son has his RSL Unified Team signing on Friday! No, he's not a professional. It's for individuals with/without intellectual disabilities.

something good is I just worked in the ER all night and I'm exhausted and now I'm going to sleep!!

good news! I’ve been working hard on my fitness and finally started to see huge changes in myself! It’s so nice to see hard work (and strict eating) pay off!

this weekend I attended Fyre Con in Layton and got to meet and talk with an artist (Dave Dorman)I greatly admire, it was highlight of my weekend.

Bought the hubby a new truck. Long overdue and well deserved!!!

started my first blog this weekend. No one I know knows about it but it has 64 views already from complete strangers and 1 subscriber! Can’t wait for this new hobby

leaving for Hawaii to celebrate our 28th Wedding anniversary and turning 50. Super excited!!

After 2 years of unemployment my hubby got his dream job, and we're about to close on our first house!

won $50,000. On a scratch off ticket

Fly out to California tomorrow for the rest of the week. Couple days at Disneyland and seeing some family.

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