TEXT TOPIC: Are you next level OCD?

if I start to pick tape that is stuck on a table or wall, I can't stop. I starts to get really anxious. That is just a small one but it drives me nuts!!

have a friend who has to taste every product she buys - from laundry detergent to makeup to her own clothes. She knows she could be causing a lot of harm to herself, but she says she can''t help it. Grody.

have to touch the hot plate in front of me. I have to. It’s not an option "it’s hot so be careful" and immediately touch it. It’s absurd but I can’t help it.

when I'm driving and I feel like I need to flex my calf muscles. I take my foot off the gas or break to do it

HAVE to pick any scabs I get. The v Bigger and thicker the better. I don't stop until it's all gone

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