TEXT TOPIC: What is your new addiction?

What is your new addiction? 

my new addiction is Sons of Anarchy!

still into my damn Kombucha drinks! Even better though they now sell it at the gas stations!!! Convenience!

had a bad night and didn’t get much sleep but I had to go to work so I bought a Rockstar on my way to work. Now it’s been a few months and I HAVE to have 1 to get through the morning.

I am addicted to this cinnamon chip bread you can only get from Costco or Sam's Club. I went to Costco Wed just for that bread because I ran out.

newly addicted to the bachelorette. How am I so invested after 3 episodes?

addicted to New Girl. My husband is Nick. 100% I'm Jess. It's like we're watching a documentary.

pancakes, and I don't know where this stemmed from

I am 1000% addicted to my vape and non stop vaping. To the point it's causing major issues between my boyfriend and I

my new addiction is Double Raspberry Magnum Ice Cream Bars. Can you say yummmmmmmmmmm?

my new dirt bike I just love riding it and getting to see some really awesome country. Frankie we need to go for a ride.

sparkling water

I'm addicted to CARDISTRY! Basically just really cool tricks with a deck of paying cards. Google it, it's amazing!

totally addicted to Pokmon GO, my son wanted me to start playing with him and now I can't stop LOL

ad my gallbladder out a few weeks ago- now I m addicted to watching the pounds drop because I can t tolerate many foods. It may be turning into an obsession/ eating disorder at this point.

my new addiction is to Kratom. It’s totally legal but Contrary to what people say, it is physically addictive. Be careful peeps, I’ve been trying to get clean for months now. Damn hard.

never thought I'd say it. But eating clean. I had never tried it before and thought everyone was a kook who did it. But I feel great and am losing weight!

I'm addicted oils. Just started working for him a couple months ago, and I fell in love with everything they have.

I LOVE using a chainsaw. My summer addiction was always fishing but now I just want to chainsaw dead trees. I love to hear them fall and cut them into logs. I’m a nearly 50 year old woman if that matters. It’s weird I know.

I'm addicted to Reese's cups stuffed with Reese's Pieces =

ghost adventures on the travel channel

Animal kingdom Sooooo good

addicted to show on netflix queer eye, 32 yr old bearded 6'2 250 pound man,cry every time

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