TEXT TOPIC: What are you looking forward to?

What are you looking forward to? 

I''m looking forward to my vacation in September. We''ll be spending it in LA and Anaheim. It''s been a year and a half since my last vacation. I was supposed to go in February but my boyfriend lost his job so now I had to wait longer.

I''m taking my husband and kids to Connecticut to meet my birth mom and family who I just found a little over a year ago at the age of 42. I met her for the first time last year but no one else has and I haven''t seen her in over a year so I''m super excited to go. We are going in August!

we are going to Antarctica in November! Squeeeeeal!

going to the Isle of Palm tomorrow!!!

we close on our home today!!! So excited!!!!

next weekend is my 2 yr anniversary and I'm going to stay at a resort in park city and do a 2 hr couples massage

Duo Vip Tickets in July and Lake Powell in August

looking forward to a huge 7 day cruise in the Caribbean! We will be the third group to cruise on this brand new ship!! January can't come soon enough!

looking forward to my first grand baby who is coming in September.

going to Maui in October !! Right after our new house gets built so excited

bestie is coming in a week from our of town for a week!! AAAAHHHH!!!!

going to maroon 5 in September, I can't wait!!!

i'm going to L.A. for 2 weeks with my fam

my 44 year old (virgin) sister is getting married in San Diego in August!!! So excited, for her too!! ;)

Looking forward to get my Durango back after it was stolen back in may. All fixed up! Should get back next week!!

I'm going to Florida in two weeks and I'm pumped and Kevin Hart right before that!

Looking forward to our fishing trip to Alaska with Father in law and brothers in law in August.

looking forward to summer nights and nighttime streaking the golf course sprinklers. Fun as hell!

can't wait for my upcoming boob job!

I'm looking forward to spending time with my whole family at Bear Lake over the July 4th weekend! First time we have all been together in a year.

running my first half tomorrow

doing a frozen embryo transfer in July. Crossing my fingers for sticky babies!

I know it's not until May but I'm graduating with my bachelors and getting married

quit my job to be a SAHM. excited for last day in few weeks

Metallica in November

all my kids are going to be in elementary school, all day come August! FREEDOM!

I'm going to Greece tomorrow for three weeks with my boyfriend and brother and sister in law! OPA!

getting my hair cut a week I've been waiting 2 months to chop off my long hair! My friends are going to be so pissed cuz they are jealous of my hair.

just found out I'm going to be a grandma again in 3 weeks, its been 11 years since I've had a new grand baby

my husband And I are going on a seven day cruise to Mexico! It''s the first vacation we''ve been on since we''ve been married and we have two kids that We are leaving with family!

my husband coming home for a few days from deployment overseas!!

i'm looking forward to my son returning from his LDS mission next Thursday from Jamaica! I'm beside myself with excitement

My mom and little sister are finally moving here from California the first of August! I've been here 9 years trying to get them to come!!

can't wait for the Air Show this weekend!!!

My husband booked a trip to Florida for us to go to Walt Disney World without our kids for 10 days


I'm looking forward to my babies arrival in October and time off work until after Christmas!

I'm ECSTATIC to go see 30 seconds to mars next month!

Weekend trip to Vegas in August. Staying at the Bellagio and going to see cirque de soli "O"

bachelorette party tomorrow, wedding Thursday then honeymoon

I'm going to Florida in two weeks and I'm pumped and Kevin Hart right before that!

Dwight Yocam in tooele

Disneyland in 12 days!!!

JP Sears is coming to wise guys.... very excited I bought tix the day I saw he added SLC

I''m looking forward to taking my boyfriend on a Caribbean cruise in November

Bonaza fest in Heber today! Little sis is in The Aces and they play tonight! So proud and so excited!

adding another little girl to our family in 7 weeks

3 week Europe trip

Charity golf tournament my friends and I throw every year for my buddy who passed away is tomorrow

Seeing the Whitesnake and Foreigner concert

Getting married in August to the man I should have been with years ago. So happy!

I'm going to Seattle in August with my best friend to see Niall Horan. We're taking a road trip and we're also going to see parts of Oregon. I can't wait

my brother that I haven't seen for 15 yrs coming to visit for 3 weeks

My wife and I are headed to the DR to finally visit my old mission areas and to get some time to bond after our second miscarriage

My maternity leave! Starts July 11 and I won''t go back till October. 12 weeks 100% paid. I didn''t get it with my first and this is my last baby! Looking forward to spending time with my kids

I show dogs and have a show coming up in Wyoming and i'm so excited! It's been a minute since the last one and my boy is looking nice!

I'm looking forward to a few summer concerts at USANA

just got tickets to Fall Out Boy!! October can't come soon enough!

my daughter is going to have her first baby,,my first grand kid

My work is taking my family to Pirates Cove in Las Vegas Nevada! Huge mansion with 4 pools, 20+ rooms all paid for

can't wait to go to Australia the best thing I ever got with my wedding... here's the kicker my husband can't go he's grounded for a year---legal reasons he can't so I'm taking my sister lmao

just got home from country jam and looking forward to Costa Rica in August woot woot #travel

This is Jeff going on cruise first week in August and back to Disney in October no kids just me and wife..

my son's soccer team is going to Australia for 2 weeks in November for a tournament and the whole family is going. So excited!!!

Flying to Canada to surprise my girlfriend for her 25th b-day. Her friends secretly pooled $ to get me there! She has NO CLUE! SO EXCITED!

Paramore! My daughter, is way excited, it's her first concert!

Heading to Newport Beach for a weekend trip with my best friend in July! We can't wait to go whale watching!

Moving to Texas. No longer living with my parents!

Going to Disneyland with one of my best friends in August & Peter Breinholt (local artist) concert a week later with the same friend. So excited!

we are moving to our new place August 1st. We have been in my in laws basement for 3 years while my husband finished school.

going to Cabo in September for the hubbys 40th

excited for my daughter (sad for me) to move to Cali. We're driving out in a few weeks to get her settled.

so excited to see ABBA on July 22

I''m excited for my cruise in October!! Bahamas <<, Turks and Caicos << and the Dominican Republic

seeing halsey this weekend!! And I get married in a month & i can't wait!!

Surpising our Harry Potter obsessed 4 and 7 year old with a trip to Harry Potter Land Sunday. So excited!!

Going on a Caribbean cruise in August! I can't wait!

All 3 shows at Tuacahn in September!

my husband and I are going on a 10 day cruise in October for our 25th wedding anniversary

My husband comes homes after being gone for military purposes for almost 8 months, I will see him in 10 days!

Single mama over here surprised my babes with their first trip Disneyland in 2 weeks! Can't wait!

can't wait for Ozzy. Bought tickets for the hubby and me also my daughter it will be her 1st concert

I'm looking forward to finishing my masters degree this December. It's been a long 3 years.

Park City! Today! For an entire week! R & R! Woo hoo!

going to Chicago on Tuesday and to Aruba for a week in August

JP Sears ic coming to wise guys in September, very excited. I bought tix the day he released that he was coming to SLC

3 week Hawaiian cruise in January booked it a year ago... totally excited!!!!

Going to Singapore to visit a friend I have not seen since 2006.

my wife and I are Going to California in August for our anniversary and going to some baseball games

looking forward to meeting friends from Oregon and spending a week in Yellowstone with them in September

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