TEXT TOPIC: Why do you sound like a broken record right now?

to my six-year-old daughter brush your damn teeth your breath stinks

have a 2 year old too. I'm always saying "Leave it alone!"

Did you find a job? You need to pay child support. Did you find a job? You need to pay child support

to my ex, come get your crap!!!!

"don't shove your clothes in the corner. Hang them up" "No food in your room" "No mis match socks" I could go on and on and on.

"lack of preparation on your end doesn''t constitute an emergency on my end" to people who haven''t groomed their dogs in 6 months and they are suddenly "going to die from the heat and need in today"! I''m booked til August.

answering the question "when are you guys getting married?"

potty training. Did you wipe? Did you flush? Did you wash your hands?

I'm constantly saying to my 15 month old no don't eat it. Hes constantly putting things in his mouth.

I''m 32 weeks pregnant with twins and I get asked all day every day if I''m ready to pop? No! I still have at least a month.... I''m so tired of explaining this to everyone.

to my 4 year old where are your underwear

to my 2 and 4 year old "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit"

Don't worry I'll turn off the light ghts behind yoy,put down the toilet seat and I'll pay the 400$ power bill

need to find a new job... I need to lose weight... are the doors locked...

"It is what it is" I say it all the time! Bad stuff happens people

I've been telling my 28 year old boyfriend to get his drivers license over and over again it's been a 5 year struggle

Constantly telling my husband to get off his phone.

have a toddler. I'm constantly saying the same thing. Mostly "put your underwear on" and "don't touch that! Go wash your hands!"

why are the lights still one. Why isn't the door locked

"have you eaten?!" "What do you want for dinner?"

find myself telling my daughter to get off the tablet or her phone every single day

I''m helping my cousin plan her wedding and my sister on her LDS mission is a bridesmaid. My mom is 40 steps behind so I keep telling her "I''ve got this". She keeps butting in.

to my 6 year old son- did you change your draws?

30 weeks pregnant. Yes we have a name, no we aren t sharing until she s born. No you''re not the only one we aren’t sharing it with. NOBODY KNOWS!!

I'm currently 32 weeks prego at at 37 years old with kid #3 keep saying 2 myself daily basis and anyone else who will listen I can't believe I'm pregnant

girlfriend won't file for child support from her ex! Going on 10 years now that she won't just because she is a procrastinator

to my kids "Please stop trying to kill each other". Yeah...they are only 4 and 2. Their teens are going to suck!

Did you wipe your food off of the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher? As I'm staring at all the food on the dishes.

For weeks I have been begging my husband to spray around the house for bugs in vain! Instead he plays on his phone! Addiction? I think YES!

You all know you can put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I'm not your maid!

you drink 26 beers a day your an alcoholic. To my husband

I'm constantly telling my boyfriend and roommate always why's the lights still on. And why isn't the door locked.

I always tell my almost 21 yr.old daughter that she needs to start working on her future goals and stop partying every night and sleeping all day. And that she needs a job.

chores, are they done your way or the right way aka my way. EVERY DAY...........

Clean your damn room! (Eye roll) Summer is going to kill me.

Husband has 4 days off a week. When I get off work I ask "what did you do today?" He gets mad because he feels guilty that he just played video games ALL DAY

" did you check the notes? " it's literally noted everyone has access to with everything that's happened. Look there before asking me.

We're planning a wedding this summer, and I'm constantly asking my daughter if she's put her guest list together, or chosen the bridesmaids dresses, etc.

"Did you do your chores?" Why is it a surprise to these kids that they have chores EVERY DAY!? You'd think after 10 years they'd catch on.

My kids: where's all the granola bars, I just bought the box! Nice try, I check, go clean it again!! You guys must think I'm dumb! Mom always finds out!

to my 12 yr old son(as he is eating dinner): No, you can't have a snack, you're STILL eating. (5 mins after dinner) Starving? OMG, You JUST ate!!

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