TEXT TOPIC: What did someone say to you and you are holding on to it?


Years ago I found out someone said I had big teeth and I still feel insecure when I see pictures and my front teeth look too big

An old hookup told me my big O was masculine. I'm a girl. Haven't had sex since because of it

my old neighborhood. Thought they were friends then totally stabbed me in the back. It''s one of the major reasons we moved. They started excluding my kids. Mama bear got angry. Can''t let it go.

they said 30 years ago, i give you an inch and you take a mile. I have live with that for so long but I’ve tried to become a better person by giving more than taking

My brother told my hubby that I''m turning my daughter’s horse riding into a career = still irritated

someone in my family told me that my kids will suffer and that I'm a terrible mother because I chose to leave the LDS church.

Just after our divorce, my ex-wife admitted she didn’t find me attractive before we started dating. So now I’m struggling with self-confidence on my appearance.

My whole family: when will you get a boyfriend? Let me live a little

my dad was taking pictures of my sisters and I and he told me " you gained weight" ( he''s very blunt) I was 16 and now 26. It made me very self-conscious about myself.

one thing I can''t get rid of is when I was told by an ex boyfriend that no guy likes a big girl. I am happily married, and my husband says I am beautiful but I''m always scared that if I get big he will leave because of that one person that put that in my head

when I was a teen, my dad told me I had saddle bag hips. Over 15 years later, & I'm still very self conscious of my legs (& I wear a size 4).

my mom said "If you lost some weight do you think your feet wouldn't hurt so bad?" She's fat!

I don''t think I''ll ever be able to get over my wife saying 2 years ago in a moment of anger I''m not sure that I''m in love with you" it just lingers and Pops in my head every time we get in an argument

Co-worker told my good friend that she hates everything about me, always has.

You would be so pretty if you just lost weight. My father said that to me when I was 16. I am 47 now

my mom told me when I was 8 I was ugly cuz I wouldn't curl my hair haven't forgotten in my 60's

my mother told me a needed to go to college so that i had more to offer in a relationship than myself. I needed to be able to bring money to the table, not enough on my own

For the first 30 years of my life my dad used to tell me that all men are jerks and nobodys good enough, im 45 and never married, thanks dad!

I''ll never forget my dad telling me not to come home from school because he was going to be hanging in the garage. That was 15 years ago. He didn''t do it but I always question if that day will ever come that he does

I lost 90 pounds about 4 years ago. I have since gained some back. My best friend said to me that she like me "a little thicker".

My mom told me when I was like 16 how bad she didn’t want to me to make it and how she would punch her stomach to try to miscarry the pregnancy. I’m 35 I still think about it

I remember being blamed for my miscarriage my boyfriend's family would make me feel awful and say it was my fault

A pregnant coworker knew I was struggling with infertility. She yelled across the dept "hey since you’re not pregnant, will you come lift this for me" Not only embarrassing, but devastating

I am seven months pregnant with my husband of two years child & at his father's funeral his mom asked what my name was & then said I was huge

Dad told me in complete seriousness that my brother is his favorite child

30 years ago I heard my step mom tell my dad she didn''t want me live there. I moved out as soon as the school year ended and I still never feel welcome in their home.

my dad said I would never amount to anything fast forward 11 years I''m married w 4 beautiful kids went back to school to do hair and now own my own business

my dad yelled in front of 300+ people at my cousins wedding that I was a divisive slut because I was engaged. I married as a virgin at 25 yrs old.

As a teen my dad thought I did something really bad, which I didn''t. He said he''d seen female dogs w/more morals than me

my uncle mocked me for being in college for to long. I have hard time with school, so it really got me.

Struggled with my weight my whole life and my brother recently told me I looked 6 months pregnant

My first husband told me "I don''t want to have kids with you" in a fight (12 years ago). I''ve always wanted kids and now I''m 38 and don''t have kidsbecause I feel like maybe I''m not worthy of having kids with anyone

Why is your (younger) sister so much prettier than you?"

when i made the cheer squad, mom said i didnt actually think i would make it. Did 4 years and a coach for 2

my dad told since I was young I was stupid I now at 30 still believe it

in 6th grade kids laughed at my face and I asked if I had something on my face and a boy answered "yeah, a mustache" and I'm a girl.

someone said that Ihad volume control issues Ihave a loudlaugh and I m a happy person. But it is something ialways thinkabout

Grandma told me I'd never be accepted to the university I wanted to go to. I got accepted. Twice

my boss told me that one Eye was bigger than the other and I have been self-conscious ever since

use to be very small and had thyroid cancer and put on about 100 lbs and aunt saw me and asked what happened to me. That was 25! Years ago

I have low self esteem and did not think I mattered due to my stepdad. He use to call me fat, ugly, and stupid. I am nothing of those things

A guy that I talked to before my ex-boyfriend told my ex-boyfriend in high school that I was crazy and to stay away from me.

when I was 11, my mom told me that I should kill myself and everyone would be better off.

at 3 yrs old I split my lip. Got stitches. Mom said you ruined your beautiful face. Took years to think I wasn't ugly.

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