TEXT TOPIC:Who is the creep in your family you wont let kids around?

Who is the person in the family you won't allow your kid get close to? 

my cousin. he's a creep, and hurt me as a child, if you know what I mean. He's lucky we live in different states now

my brother. He touched me when we were kids

my sister ex boyfriend was already known as creepy they dated for like 2 years then right after the broke up he was put in prison for being a perv

my uncle! I remember being little and how he would act with me. I never stayed in a room by myself with him.

my cousin, he's a creep. He hurt me as a child.


my grandfather molested me at 8. I do not allow my children around him and do not go to family functions if he is there. He was put in jail back

It still affects me in my marriage and I have a lot of issues with being intimate.

i don’t let my kids near my cousin who is 8 years older than me. My family thinks it’s because he does drugs, they don’t know he sexually abused me when i was 8 years old. The only one who knows is my wife.

My brother-in-law. He is a total creep and I constantly catching him daring at his niece, which is my stepdaughter. She's only 13 and it's totally creepy

My aunt married a man who's on the registry for molesting his step daughter. Not my cousin, his first wife's daughter.

my nephew, he started watching porn at a young age & he makes me nervous

my bro in law. Messed with my daughter when she was just 3

I am the 1 in 5 at the age of 11. My mom didn't want me around her cousin and I didn't know why until it actually happened

My cousin, he molested me when we were little but no one believed me. He makes my skin crawl just texting about him.

my kids great grandpa. He and their grandmother give me the momma and poppa vibe. Pretty sure he's having sex with their grandmother, the daughter

my sister in law and my husband 100% agrees

thanks for talking about child abuse. I was a victim from age 9 -14 by multiple people strangers and family members. Its made me a helicopter mom and I trust NO ONE with my girls.

glad this is being talked about! Sexually assaulted by a church leader 30 yrs ago

sibling abused sibling with special needs. Parents defended the abuser. 10+ years lost with sibling and parents.Trying to be a family now and its still hard

my BIL is a convicted pedifile, went to prison for 8 years. Yet MIL thinks I''m overreacting because I won''t let my daughter sleep over at her house,he lives with her, over my dead body!

my moms brother abused her when she was younger, I never knew this as a child but she wouldn t let my siblings and I be alone withhim when we were younger

my brother touched his three girls. Just found out a year ago and it happened 25 yrs ago. I have 2 little boys and no one in the family told me.

My father. He abused me @ 6. Even though my kids are 10 and up and boys it's not worth the risk.

about 2 years ago my son''s school bus driver was arrested and found guilty on abusing the children on the bus. Most son is adamant that he was not touched but it has scarred us from even letting him take the bus to and from school

uncle joe! He's a creeper!

So glad you're talking about this! My sister and I were abused by my father at 4-9 years old. Once we came out with it as adults my dad took his own life.

My brother, he did for years. I think that is why he married someone 16 yrs older then him with grown kids.

don't want my kids close to their cousin, she's only 13 but has already being creepy to 2 of mine & 1 other cousin(at 8), so bad that we had a talk w/fam

my sister. Everyone thinks I don''t want her around my daughter because I hate her but really it''s because she sexually abused me for years when I was in middle school

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