TEXT TOPIC: What expensive thing did your kid break?

my 5 year old was next door playing and sword fighting with their 3 year old and cracked their big flat screen TV we offered to replace it but they said no.

when I was 7 I threw rocks through the windows of a house getting built across the street. Didn’t have to pay but I got whooped!

my tantrum son & broke a penny bank at a store. Got yelled at by sales lady to pay for it. I tried. She kicked us out when ringing up our stuff.

my 5 year old has been begging to ride a motorcycle at my parents house. We let him last week and he ran through an oversized sliding glass door. $800 is the lowest bid. Not eating for the next month! #diet

my neighbors kid was doing tricks off the trampoline and lost his balance and ran through the fence and it had a domino effect needless to say it was like $1200 later

cost my parents 150$ for pooping in a display toilet at home Depot. I was 5. Oops.

Dad let my brother drive underage and it was a manual. Stalled the truck into a city light poll. My dad had to pay for the poll and huge ticket. Truck was also totaled

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