TEXT TOPIC: Did you get attacked by a bird?

We had birds when I was growing up. Two of them paired up and would attack us if we tried to walk through the kitchen when they nested.

at my work in fort union there are geese and about once a year they chase and attack, I got bit last year, left a gnarly bruise.

when my wife was little she was attached by a goose and it stole her fruit snacks. Still traumatized to this day.

when I was about 8 I was attacked by a parrot. I think the bird sensed my fear so it attacked. 20 years later and I am still terrified of birds. I tried to go to the bird show at the zoo with my kids and it put me to tears when one flew over my head. I ran out after that and let’s just say I will never go to the bird show again. Talk about ptsd. Hahaha

I was attacked by a mama turkey protecting her babies. My little dog was going to the bathroom on the grass and this turkey ran up to attack and bite him. I scooped him up and the turkey bit me on the shoulder!

as a kid, my neighbors owned 2 ducks. They would chase me all the way to school. Since I was a kid and they can fly/run fast, they always caught me!

i put a fry on my cousins head in california.. on the beach.. with a ton of seagulls.. he was attacked totally worth it.

YES! My dads parrot. She dive bombs, screams, grabs with her sharp talons, bit my finger and left a scar!! Little B! She loves my dad though so that''s special.

My parents used to have a cockatoo. She liked to give kisses, but once she bit my lip instead. Little shit. Ouch!

at the beach when younger, my 3 yr old cousin had a piece of sandwich and seagulls swarmed on her, dangerously!! My aunt and the older cousins had to chase

Last year we had robins on our yard attacking me when I would mow. I wore my sons bike helmet and had a neighbor with a broom protecting me.

I fly drones and many times when the drones are in the sky birds are fairly visible I have flown with birds attacking my drone until it hits the ground

my brother put his bird sugar water on my face while I was sleeping. I woke up to a bird peeking at my face. #traumatized

EVERYDAY!!! I have gone into the fetal position multiple times and yesterday they attacked my arm I froze for like 10 seconds

my two year old daughter was pecked in the head by a turkey at a petting zoo. she's now 7 with a scar. Lucky it didn't get her eye

was substitute teaching 2nd grade. Went on a field trip to nature preserve. Mad goose didn't want us in his territory. Bit a kid, chased us off

had a barn owl attack my head while getting into a shed, scared the hell out of me, I didn''t realize what had happened until I peeked around the corner of large generator and saw it watching me, while perched!

had to mama bear fight a goose that got my 2year olds pant leg and wouldn't let go and started dragging him. I thought it was going to eat him

one summer we had a robins nest in our tree. We have picture of my son trying to mow the lawn with a motorcycle helmet on to avoid injury as the mama bird dodged at him!!

in jr high. Friends macaw latched on to back of my overalls and tried to bite my back. Didn't get through my shirt

gparents had farm goose. It chased me when I was 3. Had roosters chase me up hay stacks. Now I have hunting dogs and shoot as many birds as poss.

There was a hawk nested at BYU and it'd swoop down and threaten passing students a few years back.

When my kids would get off the school bus chickens and roosters were chasing all the way to the door. I would just watch and laugh& Parent of the year. LOL

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