TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

please just stop pretending like you love you step granddaughter. You are so fake. Just go be with your kids and leave us one my husband wants nothing to do with his dad that you married You both are to fake . Go take care of the druggie kid. Leave us alone

Get rid of the damn dog! I'm sick of living in hair and slobber!

Quit complaining all the time about your job. No one cares and it's your choice to stay

to my mother in law. Stop calling your daughter to complain about your life for 30 on average. It's draining on us

it's 90 damn degrees turn your space heater off you jerk!

What happened to putting your bros first? Soon as you find a girl, it's almost like I was there for a convenience. Can't believe I called you a bro.

don't care that you have a new gf.I divorced YOU.I care that you have time for her kids but not your own. #growthefup

Husband, stop acting like a spoiled brat! You own 3 Xbox''s, a boat, a nice truck, a motorcycle & you have 4 days off a week. But when I say ''no we don''t have the money'' you throw a tantrum

work with teenagers and a lot of them it''s their first job. I can’t tell you how much I hate when their parents contact me instead of them themselves. Obviously emergencies are different but I can’t tell you how many parents I’ve been contacted by in regards to their kids job

You always complain that I never take selfies with you but you only post pictures with you and our son. What about me? I want to be shown off too

how about we act like adults and stop using the work messenger to talk crap! Actually thanks for that cause now we have the proof. Records of your PMs!

Stop acting like your all about family when we all know you only care about yourself and your friends! Keep my name and kids out of your pictures!

My no solicitors sign mean just that. Stop knocking saying "I'm not selling anything". We both know you are and I'm not buying it. Bug someone else.

Dear drivers. Just because I'm driving a truck does not mean I'll slow you down. STOP CUTTING ME OFF!!!

BCC stands for BLIND carbon copy, so don't reply all!

you didn't offer me a job at the new location, but want me doing all you're compliance work. Nope, have fun with the morons your taking with you.

wanted to say to my ex boyfriend I don''t know why you stood me up two years ago. I wish I knew why but I just wanted to say I''ve moved on with my life so whatever your pathetic reason is I don''t care. I''m so glad we are not together anymore. Scumbag.

I'm the new girl, don't expect me to know this job up and down by week 2. But don't ignore me or refuse to help me because you are annoyed

Dear neighbors, you have a driveway and garage for a reason. Please stop parking on the road making it impossible for 2 cars to pass each other.

you say your too old at 37 to start improving your spelling, But I guess your right when your 24 year old coworker has to spell everything for u

that was really one dumb move. Work is going to be miserable for you now that no one will interact with you.

You think you’re being defiant and that you''re always right but what your actually doing is driving the people who love you away. You continue to bring up things of the past with the intention of causing problems. Well guess what princess, we’re sick of it. When you want to act like an adult we’re here, until then you’re on your own

dear neighbor you are so exhausting your negativity and bad attitude just suck the life out of everybody get over yourself and Move on

stop wishing yourself happy Father's Day on Facebook when you abandoned your child!

still cant believe that ur hubby doesnt know what happened in the tent when we went camping a couple years ago. Boob touch much?

all you guys do is sit on facebook all day. You barely check patients in. So stop losing your mind when you get a whopping 2 patients and I need forms from you! Because when the tables are turned, I''m no mean. And I sure don''t sit on social media all day!

take your "love glasses" off and look that your husband is manipulative and emotionally abusive. I miss my best friend..

I'm sorry for the space heater!!! But it's efffing cold in this office! Cold hearted D-bag

If you are salty about missing some.of Macklemore you should have probably just gotten there on time...

dear mother in law you know you can''t have kids and I feel for you but stop pretending you are pregnant and lose it when ever I''m pregnant . Stop please it gets annoying

Quit calling in! I'm onto you. Every time someone else is gone during the week you call in sick one of those days! You're fired!!

we pay 80 percent of your mortgage and you still can’t keep the utilities paid it’s been a week without AC. Grow up and stop drinking your life away. does Wayne need new roommates

U R the worst kind of employee! I can hardly come 2 work knowing I have to see ur face. I'm done W/ ur toxic a**

i am glad we arent friends u used us to get what u needed u live for drama&attention every1 that is friends w/u on fb knows that grow the hell up

Don't pretend like you want to come around when we all know you don't agree with our families life choices.

Dear neighbor dont complain about my dog barking when it only started when your brat started teasing her over the fence. I have pics and video so come at me

sick of Mormon weddings. Stop asking me to bring refreshments for over 100 ppl. That is why you hire someone. I'm not a decorator or caterer

Neighbor quit parking your POS dump truck on main road behind MY house. I'll keep calling police for starting/idling it at 5:00 every morning.

Just because you sleep with my dad doesn’t mean you can open your mouth when it comes to family issues. And no, my siblings don’t love you more than their own mother, get over yourself.

Bout time you get off you A and get a job. Now maybe you can pay your 30k past due child support. Quit playing the single broke welfare Mom card. You’re just as capable of working. Laziness isn’t a handicap or a disability

you're 50 years old, stop acting like a child and grow up. Start being a dad and quit being a deadbeat piece of crap.

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