TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?

Spouse doesn't know the burns I say I got at work are actually self-inflicted

I'm a closet drinker...right crowd gets the best of me.

That day you left at the end of July. I have missed you since you left

my work is moving next week. Never sat by my department. Will at the new place. I don't like my co-workers in my department and 1 smells bad.

I also leave out ingredients when I give out recipes

I'm remarried now although I still long to be with my ex-married

for financial necessity and because of my religion. We're good friends....but I prefer the same sex.

I sometimes wish I was anorexic again just so that I can be skinny again... due to mental health issues I was unknowingly anorexic and was 98 lbs. now I’m 180 and hate looking at myself. But no one knows cause I put on a confident mask...

happily engaged woman and woke up the other morning very happy after dreaming about Wayne all night.

I think my boss is FINE

Hush. I am planning on breaking up with my man. He has a bad pattern. He hasn't worked on it 2 months now. Not going back to a bad relationship

when you broke up with me I hooked up with your worst enemy you’ll never know, but I do

I like to go streaking sometimes at night, I just love that cool breeze.

I am 30 and have no desire to get into a relationship but am dating to get my parents off my back

My boyfriend doesn't know I'm planning on breaking up with him. But I just can't keep dealing with his ex-girlfriend, coming over every now and again

I'm afraid to lose weight because I'm afraid I still won't be pretty even skinny

Kylie, you are my secret crush. Girl you fine

I’m the only Republican/trump supporter in my ENTIRE office. I keep my mouth shut because I know it will cause problems if they knew my real opinions.

made out with my brother's ex-girlfriend. And I'm a girl.

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