TEXT TOPIC: What do you need to get rid of that isn't good for you anymore?

stop with a guy i adore. My feelings blind me of who he really is. Shady

had to cut off my friends because all they did was vape hard and act cool. #TimeToGrowUp #FindingAGF No more vape life for me.

hate that this is true but Marco Pollo! I love communicating with everyone, but it takes up so much of my time and stresses me out if I don''t keep up on it. I need to let daily messages with these people go so I can be present in MY life with my family.

this Facebook wives group. I need to quit looking at the page. People often detail all the bad things about their husbands/ issues in their marriage and it really affects me.

have had to distance myself from an old coworker. I started doing things that were hurting me mentally physically and spiritually

need to stop having my 18 month affair and get back with my wife. I got myself into a situation That I thought I’d never be in. I don’t want to hurt either one of them but my health is struggling because of it my mental well-being is smashed.

have a bad addiction to gaming. I Find myself getting suicidal when I continually loose. It’s something I find hard to quit but I know I need to quit playing.

Social media... I mean it’s sad but looking at all the wonderful things people post makes my mental health suffer so much. I compare myself to everyone I see and end up hating myself and my life...I need to just not worry about others and focus on bettering myself

dropped a friend, she was toxic. I tried to keep things going for as long as I could. Relationship was one sided (only reached out when she needed something from me) and she’d never listen to me. It’s hard to make decisions like that but she wasn’t good for me or my mental health

need to give up negativity. I find myself whining a groaning about everything and it makes me feel gross. I need to shut my mouth and focus on the awesome things I have going for me.

I have had to break up with people because if something is off, my body has various physical reactions. Once I break it off, my body is normal again.

my relationship with my mom. As sad as it is, it's toxic and is ruining me.

Frankie I feel you I too am addicted to sugar and have to fight myself to keep from eating those sweets little by little hopefully

Coca cola, I drink 1 or 2 a day and it's so bad for me. I need to slow down

I can't do anything without having a tv show playing on my phone. I tell myself it's how I cope with mental health issues, but I think it makes them worse!

Alcohol...I don't drink everyday but when I do I binge.. and it's so bad. I need to stop all together.

Frankie, I recently found out that I have something called global disaccharide deficiency. Which means that my body is unable to process most sugars.The foods that I am able to E! are extremely limited. I am already a small person and I lost 20 pounds going on the special diet. It is hard to go coldturkey off of these foods that contain these disaccharide sugars, but I feel much better now that I do not consume them. These sugars are sucrose, maltose, lactose, and starch.

"inappropriate media online" if you get my drift

need to either stop my marriage or seeing a co worker I'm falling in love with.

rockstar I say today is the last one but I just can't stop

Frankie I am just like you! Sugar is my addiction! I will stop for a day or too then I binge it's terrible! If you find any good tips share please!

social media and monster energy drinks. I literally have withdrawals

I've lost 60 lbs and now I've gained 5 lbs back from that damn SWIG diet raspberry dream & the sugar cookie!!!

need to stop festering about my lack of presence on my boyfriend's social media

back off from my negative mother in law. She didn’t show up to my bridal shower, baby shower and 25 years later my father’s visitation when he passed. I would invite her to Sunday dinner she would come over & be mean to my kids. Acting like an ass at her granddaughters graduation party broke the camel’s back.

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