TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! June 18, 2018

I'm in Nursing School and this is my last week of clinicals. Hallelujah!!

Santa Claus is bringing me a grand baby in December.

My wife and I found out we are pregnant on Father s Day. I’m counting it as my first Father s Day as a dad!!

Tomorrow is my Bday! Holler! Gimme a shout!

my scale showed I weighed 150lb and then I moved the scale to a different place in my bathroom and then weighed myself again and I was at 146lb!! Wahoo 4 lb lost in minutes hahahahaha

lost 14 lbs in 6 week through diet and exercise

something good, recently rekindled an old relationship of after 12 years of being away from her, finally both single at the same time

my husband got his honorable discharge papers in the mail yesterday and he's officially out of the army

my good news coming from the weekend, I found out on father''s day my girlfriend was pregnant! >> #DadToBe

One of my best friends finally turned 21 yesterday! She's the last of our friend group. Let's just say, bar hoping on a Sunday is... interesting

something good. Had a much needed incredible, fun loving weekend with the love of my life. Thank you shnookums!

Got it in this morning. #OnlyWayToKickOffMondays #yipee

I have an interview today for my dream job

my baby Marito turns 4 today

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