TEXT TOPIC: Did you call off the wedding? Why?

aunt called off four weddings and a total of 8 engagements before she finally met the right guy. Luckily the last one was the best one.

my husband called off our wedding 3 weeks before, he just got cold feet. We dated for a while after that then we broke up. I moved away and 6 months later we ended up getting married. He said if he hadn’t done that he would have always questioned if he made the right choice. Now he is 100% certain he made the right choice. We have been married 22+ years

called my wedding off 2 weeks before since we were already living together he was physically abusive

male co-worker I had for 5 years called off a wedding 5 days before and blamed "commitment issues". A year later he was engaged to someone different and called off that wedding a week before! The second time around I fully suspected he was a closet gay.

friend called wedding off one week before wedding. Found out he is a closet alcoholic

called off my wedding 6 years ago because i got cold feet from such a quick engagement. There was a lot of pressure from family but i knew it had to happen. We dated each other for a bit longer after that and are now happily married with two kids. Sometimes you just have to listen to your heart

He called it off in Oct. and we were to get married in Dec. We were arguing all the time after getting engaged. His mom told me to keep the ring since my family had spent so much money. I took it back and kept the credit for the future. My current husband did appreciate it.

called it off for months before the wedding. He had a raging p0rn addiction and was emotionally abusive

hey guys, my dad told myself and all of my siblings, on the day of the wedding, if we weren’t sure, don’t worry bout the people & what’s been paid, he’d handle it, and to "get out of here" nobody took him up on it

waited 10 years for a proposal, his mom told me he was going to ask me 30 minutes before, minute he asked me, I knew I needed to run. Said yes because it was Xmas eve in front of family, then called it off afterwards. 20 yrs later best decision of my life!

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