TEXT TOPIC: Are you addicted to video games?

It's Me. Totally addicted to Pokmon go. My husband used to play, got my 73 year old mother into it and now we play together. My husband complains.

My brother in law is a huge gamer! Really my husbands side of that family is! They have game nights where they intensely play League of Legends! Like... if you disturb them then you die! They have a huge set up in their parents basement

my hubs plays every game all the time! So frustrating!!! Never pays attention.

I called off an engagement due to him being addicted to Call of Duty. When he called into work for an entire week, that was the last straw!

my husband would be up until 3 am almost every night playing all sorts of games, it started interfering with his school which I was working hard to put him through, so we got into it and he doesn’t do it anymore

my kids and little brother are addicted to the Fortnite game on Xbox. I can turn off WiFi from my mobile if needed lol. I play rocket league myself

husband doesn't have a problem he knows when 2put it down but my 7 year old will play all day if we let him we have to schedule other things 4 him

My husband! He''ll spend hours with his Xbox friends & about 30 min with me everyday. He plays Fortnight, Sea of Thieves, Rainbow 6, Ark, & on his phone Clash of Clans.

hubs. says it's a hobbie or it's a good way to help with critical thinking. I think it's bc he gets more fulfillment in games than real life

I am addicted to a game called fortnite to the point that I play it almost all day everyday.

my ex husband was letting our then 5 year old (who already struggles with neurological processing disorders) play Halo! I asked him to stop multiple times but couldn’t do more than that since it was during his parent time. Dad finally did put it away- only after our son put his hands around a classmates neck at school (to choke him). The school counselor asked why he did it and his response- that''s what they do in halo.

Warcraft. It IS ruining my marriage. He''s deployed and it’s still an issue. Would rather play his games than talk to me and the kids on FaceTime

husband got invited to live in a home with a bunch of guys who were a team on halo and would play for money and practice and this was all they did

took my nephew’s switch after he played his allotted time. He screamed & kicked me for an hour. He is no longer allowed to bring any electronics to my house. He said he wants a new family

Brother-in-law wouldn't take a job and move to Price a few years back because at the time they did not have high speed Internet for online gaming.

Play every Friday and Saturday night between those two days only sleep six hours play once the family is sleeping 10-4 am

broke up with my boyfriend who I believed was my soul mate because he kept choosing the games over me. That was 7 yrs ago and I still miss him.

my ex fianc was addicted, would pretend to go to work and once I left he would play all day. It also led to alcoholism which ultimately ended the relationship

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