TEXT TOPIC: What thing does your dad always say?

my dad always says "try harder, to suck less" love him!

my dad would say ain't no thang like a chicken wing haha

my dad would always comfort us when sick or injured by saying "it will feel better when it stops hurting" he's seriously so rad!

As a kid, i complained about my short legs..my dad said they re perfect, they go from your butt to the ground

instead of swearing my dad always would say "Bark at the Moon"

1 of our neighbors that dad didn't care 4 he would yell over 2 him Hey Flakey Lizard. This was in the early 70s. So embarrassing.

Dad passed away 3 weeks ago. He told me to always be kind to everyone. He is greatly missed.

If we are having a conversation and I say "k, so" he says "queso? Who has queso?" I roll my eyes every time but I secretly love it!

Dad always said, if I ever cause too much trouble, remember he can always make another one look just like me

My dad always says versa visa instead of vice versa and I have no idea if he's joking or being serious

my dad always says "that's / they're so dumB" which means it's so dumb you pronounce the "B"

He still jokes about stealing from restaurants, silverware, salt n pepper shaker, because we've run out at home.

my Dad would fart and then say in an inquisitive voice, "someone step on a duck?"

whenever I leave the house my dad says Have fun stormin' the castle! From princess bride, love it.

When we would leave to hang out with friends or going on a date my Dad would say, "Return with honor, or don't return at all!" Then laugh lol

instead of saying I love you be careful he would say 'keep your head out of your ass!' Every time I left the house

My dad always would say I'm pickin up what your laying down when he understood what I was saying

dad would say it's better to be pissed off than to be pissed on

My dad used to always say "your ass is grass and I'm the lawnmower" when we got in trouble lol

my dad always says hey good job! You re not as dumb as you look!

Any time I complained, Dad would say "Like is hard, then you die." It's true!

My dad would always say "you gotta pay to play!"

hay is for horses

Dad always said "off like a dirty shirt." When we drove off for camping

My dad is VERY punny! Whenever he would use the word "but" in a sentence, he would pause and say "and this is s big butt" and pat his back side before continuing what he was saying. Love that man!

Every time we told my dad that we where hungry he would go hi hungry I'm peter nice to meet you.

my dad before ever road trip would tell us to pee up

when we went boating my dad would say did you see that great white whale and then go under the water and moon everyone

my dad would fart and go "did you hear that pink elephant hiding under the couch"

A little bit different than the other texts, but when i was little, if i was misbehaving, my dad would always tell me "if you dont stop im going to change your name to Percilla"... im 35 and to this day, i still hate that name! LOL

Before leaving for a drive, dad would say "gotta wind my clock." As he was walking into the bathroom.

work hard, play hard. And he sure does!

my dad would always say a man is not a financial plan.

Dad would always say, "if I had that truck and he had a feather up His butt we'd both be tickled to death

Dadisms The winter was always "Slicker than snot on a doorknob." Summer was "Hotter than a popcorn fart."

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