TEXT TOPIC: Did your little kid sneak out?

people think we are crazy but my daughter is just like that little boy and if she can find a way to sneak outside and get herself into trouble she will and she is only three. In addition to deadbolts we also have chain locks in multiple places on our door so that way it will not only slow her down but we should hear what she’s doing before she can get out. We also have a device that Rings loudly any time the door opens even just a crack

I was that kid when I was younger

my nephew rammed the screen open when he was 2 and a half and almost made it to 6200 s before we caught him. Thank goodness for neighbors!

in room folding laundry in underwear. Dog barking. Figured it was the door and was going to ignore it. Went to look. 18mo old let himself outside and was knocking to come back in! He used a chair to unlock and open the door!

learned to run in heels because my now 5 year old is like a Labrador. He just runs.

My Mom used to have to bungee chord my brother in his room because he would strip naked and run on the train tracks in the middle of the night. It was great to have the brother from hell.

my husband was watching my kids. I pull into our neighborhood and see my 3 year autistic boy running in just a diaper in the snow. He got out the window

I was around 3 riding my big wheel, got away from my mom, rode 3 blocks away got stuck in a storm drain, 7 yr old oldest brother found me and took me home.

left home when I was three to walk three miles to Walmart Because I wanted sprinkles, dang sugar tooth

My hubby took a nap when in charge. Our 2 yr old & dog were gone, door wide open. Found both at the corner house with raw potatoes in his pocket.

it was me. 1yr could unlock doors and get out. Once at night, climbed fence to neighbor, and was knocking on back door. Scared neighbor

When Drayden was about 3 years old he escaped our apartment. It was winter about 7 a.m. and I thought who the heck''s kids outside playing right now. Then I had a really weird feeling got up my front door is open he''s out in the snow pile in his footed pajamas. We got a sliding chain lock put on the top of the door real quick.

little brother would always sneak out of the house when he was 2 yrs. One time got all the way to my aunts house in nothing but his diaper. Said he was "sneakin"

my son flushed my dad's $20 down the toilet. I put him in time out. When the timer went off I went to get him. He was gone. Front door was open. I went running out side. Found him down the street almost to the main road. He was trying to go get a job to pay his grandad back.

when my husband was 2 he was found over 2 miles away from his house and brought home by a police officer. He was on his big wheel headed to the lake to go fishing.

we lived in Ogden and my 4 yr old at the time walked out the front door in the middle of the night. My sister lived right next door so luckily she went there and not to the guys house next to us. He was a creep

when my little brother was 4 he escaped from day care on state in slc. Tried to board the bus with a penny and an action figure.

My son had turned 3 two months after we moved into a new city and house. My mom was watching him when he disappeared. A couple found him walking down a busy road and stopped him. Called the police who picked him up and knew right where to take him because my mom had called to report him missing. Turns out he was headed home. He wanted to go play with his toys. He got over half a mile home. They had him walk him home after to see if he even knew how to get home and sure enough he did. We all got hotel style locks on all our doors that night.

I was doing the dishes and head a knock. Answer the door 2 find a neighbor and my naked 3yr old that escaped to go to the park.

my son escaped so many times we finally bought deadbolt that you need keys on both sides to keep him in.

When my daughter barely started walking, she opened the front screen door and walked down the sidewalk to the next house down while my husband and I were taking a nap on the couch. The local bishop walked her home and woke us up lol. Funny now. Terrifying at the time.

When my brothers were 3 and 18 months they walked a mile away to the gas station to get chips. They crossed 3500 s in the process. They then walked back home with a bag of chips each. =, how did no one see or stop them.

At the time it was our 2 year old Krue. Snuck out and was sitting in the middle of the intersection around the corner. My dad called us freaking the hell out.. His neighbor said look at that crazy kid over there. My dad realized it was his grandson and ran over and grabbed him. Locks galore now

my son went to church with his grandma. He escaped primary. They thought he was somewhere in the church.. he was found in a tree a block over 2 hours later

was at a bees game and she escaped through the metal fence and State Street was on the other side and I couldn''t get through it so I had to bribe bigger little kids that could still fit but we''re old enough to know to grab her hand and bring her back because she was only a year and a half old

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