TEXT TOPIC: Why wasn't there a second date?

met a chick on an app. Talked for a while and planned a date. Was meeting at a nice restaurant for the first time. She showed up in sweats

guy bragging about his jujitsu skills all night. Then as he goes in for what I am thinking is a kiss on the cheek, he licked side of face, jaw to forehead. WTH!?!

we were at lunch just asking the silly questions like favorite food, etc... so he asks me my favorite color and I say purple what’s yours and he says pink. So I''m like hm okay that’s cool. And I made the mistake of asking him why? And he said pu**y pink. Ya know. The color of vaginas. My eyes didn’t hide how much of a weirdo I thought he was. I never talked to him again. Ew.

because he insisted on talking about his ex the entire time, and decided to confide in me like I was his therapist.

because he lied about his height. he was a foot shorter than he had told me and proceeded to ask me if him being short was going to be a problem in the bedroom

oh man his kissing was like trying to kiss a small donut hole. It was awful. #noseconddate

he asked "how would you feel having a white baby because you already have a biracial baby?"

he told me that right now I was in my Prime and that I would not get any prettier, that I would only go downhill from here. I''m only 22. He was in ahole

guy was a foot shorter than me. We had only talked sitting down when I agreed to go out. Date was so awkward, definitely no 2nd date.

there was a second date and he sang me the same song and gave me the same talk he gave me on the first date. Must have worked for him so many times he forgot that he had already done it for me. Laughing the whole time. Provo player. There wasn’t a third.

I went on a date with a guy. I met him online. And when we met for the first time everything was going fine until towards the end when he kissed me and that was made it no second date. You don’t kiss someone on the first date.

This gal told me she was 8 weeks pregnant on our first date but failed to mention that to me during our convos leading up to the date

Cuz he disparaged gay and black people. Exact quote: I don't really. see how they've been marginalized in society. Uh...wow!

blind date. He took me to his brothers play, where I was introduced to his parents. But he never told me. That night while asleep, I got 40 texts. One said he loves me.

he jumped the gun cant do that on a first date

he had to ask me what my name was when saying goodbye to me after dinner

guy asked me on a date. Told me to meet him at the theater. Bought himself popcorn and refused to share. Didn’t take the time to ask any questions to get to know me. Then asked me when I would be able to pay him back for the movie ticket WTF!

blind date, he got drunk at dinner, and wanted to take me back to his place to "watch a movie". Got out fast lol

He talked about his ex's the whole date and how stupid women are!!

after the date and drove me to all the houses he thought were nice in the neighborhood and wouldn't take me home for 2 more hours!!!

There was no third date because his stalker started calling and texting me while I was at his place knowing I was there. He was not sure who the stocker was. Bye!

took me off-roading in the canyon did it have a spare tire pop both tires had to hike 5 miles to get cell phone service and cell phone was dead. Had to hitchhike with some bikers out of the canyon. No second date

Guy asked me out & said we would go to dinner. Picked me up,he wasn't hungry & asked if I was hungry, I was starving so he took me to McDonalds

Set up w/friend''s cousin who ended up being a real jerk on a group date. Crude at dinner&mean to the staff, would not talk to me, and only talked about himself

a guy asked if I was ever married on the FIRST date. I said yes and I told him him we were good friends and the divorce was mutual. Needless to say no second date.

Had a dream about my date the night before that he was insulting me every chance he got. On the date, he did that to my friend who set us up.

guy tells me he just finalized his 3rd divorce and he’s still helping his 2nd wife with her issues arrest, drugs, etc. lives with mother and has three kids, but is really in to me. #2much2soon

Had a great date, but right before I left the country for a semester. I wanted to keep in touch, but he got married while I was away...

Went on a tinder date with a guy who was cute 150 pounds ago. We had planned on a date to go stargazing. As awkward as that was, I made it very clear that I wanted to just be friends. Then he asked if he could rub my back. That''s when I knew it was time to go home right away. And I left.

date was going well till she started talking about an event 15 years ago. Was at that same event. Our family reunion

no 2nd date. Met up. He told me he was 5 yrs older. No biggie. Got in his truck and his high school lanyard was hanging... oops yeah he was 15 yrs old than I.....

have an Asian Sister I was living with, and after a guy came over to my house and having a tantrum that I wouldn’t take him to my bedroom and give him a massage, looked over at my sister in the kitchen eating a popsicle, and said so angry what is that, is that like an Asian thing? Popsicles? Ugh

date with guy from kamas. Picked me up at 1 from West Jordan, took me to demolition derby, met his whole family and then took me home. Never took me out to eat, I was starving!!!

went on a date with a girl. She failed to tell me she has 23 siblings. She's from a polygamist family and wants that same thing. I'm not lds

I broke his nose on our first date when we played racquetball don''t know why we didn''t go out again >7< &@ #toocompetetive

went out with a guy who told me he had a great job found out he was living off the state

No second date because he called me minutes after we left each other to tell me he felt an "instant connection"; but that he's married

went on a first date to the drive in movies with another group, tried to get Hansie and i kicked him out of my truck!

if the girl was into me and I wasn't into her I would purposely talk about my ex so I didn't have to worry about asking her out on a second date

Guy said he had a confession to make....had a 2 week old baby with his ex wife....and they had been divorced for more than a year. I know my basicmath..nope nope nope!

He was talking about how he used to wear black all the time and paint his fingernails (ewww) we got pizza from the pie. Tinfoil was still under mine. I guess from it being baked. It was stuck under my slice of pizza. He acted disgusted by it and switched me slices. His was half eaten! So Ya didn't

I've only been out on one second date, I'm too scared to ask for second dates worrying either I won't be good enough or I'll get close to them & lose them.

this is for why there’s only the first date. I met him on tinder. We had been talking for awhile so we decided to meet he seemed nice. For one he didn’t look like his pics he definitely used his best high school pics and has put on weight. He takes me to dinner, orders wings and starts eating the bones, I was mortified, and he thought it was funny how grossed out I was. Then tells me he got sent home from his mission. And has a kid he doesn’t have anything to do with... Then after I stop talking to him after that he begins to stalk me sending me texts constantly at all hours of the night.... nev

date paid for my food, but then asked me to pay for my half when we got back to the truck. Tried kissing me, I dodged it and he kissed my eye

The guy was so awkward!! We met online and there seemed to be a connection but he came across as witty and funny via text. But in person he seemed socially awkward!! So disappointing!

He got lost while driving me home. I told him he was going the wrong way. I lived in Brigham, our date was in Ogden. He realized his mistake when hesaw Lagoon. He was just so sure of himself, lol.

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