TEXT TOPIC: Did you have plastic surgery in secret?

Got Botox hubby didn't know he was totally against it, then noticed my 11s were gone and was fine

going to have weight loss surgery keeping it on the DL

My mom got a boob job as well as light post suction & No one knew about it except me I had to take her to her appointment and take care of her afterwards

got Botox and fillers this year. Don''t tell my Mary Kay lady

I’m getting lip fillers, due to my lips being uneven. Told my family and they bashed me, already call me "Barbie" because I’ve had a boob job two years ago.

My husbands grandma went to secretly get a tummy tuck and lipo. Didn’t tell any family but later that day ended up in the ER due to passing out and then the whole family knew. She was so embarrassed

Started Botox & lip injections in my mid 20s on the down low. Preventative, people! I didn't tell my BF for the 1st year we dated.

got a breast reduction and told only a few people. Now people ask how I lost so much weight and compliment how good I look.

I'm a dude and I had liposuction in my chest , no one knows!

got breast augmentation about a month ago, only told a couple of family members, and one friend, other than that, no one knows, I even quit my parttime job before the surgery so I didn''t have to go back there with the new boobs and have people ask questions

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