TEXT TOPIC: Who is the famous person in the family?

My little cousin Ronna Heaton is on the USA women's wrestling team. She's a BAD A!!

my dad! At least in the Mormon community. He taught Elvis Presley the missionary lessons and asked if he wanted to be baptized.

currently have two cousins in the NFL. The Vigil brothers out of Utah State. One plays for the Bengals the other for the Redskins.

My sister is the celeb in the family. She was on 16 and pregnant on MTV lol

My grandmother's 3rd cousin was Don Williams.

have a cousin that played football for the New England Patriots

the celebrity in my family is the guitarist to imagine dragons, Wayne sermon he is my cousin!!

my bro in law is a celebrity. He wrote skits for a very famous talk show host. Recently, he''s written scripts for very popular nextflix series. He''s BFFs with some A list celebs and even attended the Grammys this year. He got his 1st job by writing funny tweets that went viral.

celeb in the family is my sister in law who started and owns a huge beauty company that started here in Utah.

my wife is the celeb in the family she's a blogger with a decent amount of followers! So much work in the Instagram husband!

My cousin is a professional disc golfer, it''s not the most popular thing media wise but he is sponsored and gets paid for it so yolo

my brother Tony Finau

have a distant cousin Georgeanne Moline an Olympic hurdler.

little bro is the famous person. He's a pro baseball player

my little brother... he is the yeti for Maverik and has been in several of there commercials as well as hung with chuck Norris while he was here promoting his water Cforce

I'm the celebrity being the author of the best selling THE BEWITCHED HISTORY BOOK available now on Amazon! ~DP

I'm second cousin too Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Mark Madsen. I have a pair of good signed shoes.

It's a little distant but my cousin's husband is Janet Jackson's ex husband that was her manager and was secretly married to her for 9 yrs.

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