TEXT TOPIC: Is your relationship in the fast lane?

I’m the person who rushed into a relationship. My "bf" flew me to London for 2 wks. He moved there after we met. He pawned me off onto his friend. Friend and I got together the 2nd wk. he came here 1 wk after I returned, never left, married 45 days later. married 7 yrs expecting 1st child.

I have a good friend been dating her guy for less than 3 weeks, moved in together after a week, talking marriage and kids already.

Husband and I got engaged after only knowing each other for 6 weeks, married 2 months later. Celebrating 10 years this September.

my 42 yr old sis is dating a 24 yr old boy. After 2 weeks they're living together. Planning a wedding and tats of their names on their ring fingers

Dated for 3 weeks, got engaged, married 3 months later. Been married for 12 years. Couldn't be happier.

My dad met and married this lady all within 5 months. Going on the second month of marriage and there is lots of drama

my freaking mom! Meets a guy o line & in less than 2 weeks they have their honeymoon planned & she basically moves in w/this guys "mother figure" so weird! Oh and he hadn’t even given her his phone #!

When I was dating my husband, He told me he loved me one week into knowing me and that he was gonna marry me. Hehe I knew that I loved him and was going to marry him one month into dating. We got engaged 4 months into dating

They met each other as complete strangers for the first time last fall. A week and a half later they were engaged and 2 weeks after that were married!! "when ya know you know" is what they’d always say!

after a month of being together my boyfriend and I decided we wanted a baby. We have a boy. Going for two years together and stronger than ever

My MIL. she’s been married 5x in 6 yrs. last divorce just finalized ( lasted 6 mo) and she’s already with some1 & talking about moving in

My best friend. Met, moved states and divorced in 1.5 years. Her divorce was final in December, but she was seeing someone else in November

met my husband Jan 10. Said I love you July 7. Moved in together July 23. Married in the drive through wedding chapel in Vegas September 10. 8 months to the day from when I met him!

my parents were engaged after ten days. Been together for 35 years!

dated my husband for four weeks. Got engaged, got married five months later. 27 years later we are still married.

my husband and I told each other we loved each other the first night, 9 years later stronger than ever with our first baby 3 weeks old

Sister in law met her husband and got engaged in 3 months. Married 3 months later.

ex in-laws got married the day they met and are still together 30 years later

don't knock all fast relationships. My parents were engaged after 3 weeks and married after 6 months. Have been together for 28 years.

met my fianc in January and we are getting married next month.

My boyfriend moved in with me after 2 weeks. We have been married 30 years

Met October 4th got married on Valentine's

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