TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

I love you babe but if you could please just eat with your mouth closed it would make dinning together so much better!!

Hey neighbor. Pick up your dogs piles of crap off my lawn. Please and thanks.

it's not our fault ur a POS and have a crap life. Stop saying lies bout us

You say that we are best friends but this friendship feels way too one sided. Either start putting in effort or bye =K

Don't tell me to not listen to music while driving a forklift when you do the same thing.

my husband needs to get his A$$ going & finish his degree. I work my butt off and he is so lazy.

if you have epilepsy bad enough to need disability you shouldn't be driving anything let alone a motorcycle

Passive aggressive. To my father-in-law I know it’s a free country and you can smoke whenever wherever you want. but please when you come to visit at our house please try and smoke as far away from my house as you can and be considerate of my dogs please

dear driver that cut me off 3 times then crossed over the double white line into the HOV lane just to speed up and swerve around me. I hope that ticket you got was nice and fat. Lol

Maybe if you were in control of your own damn child I wouldn't have to step up and do it! Then you get mad at me like I'm the problem when it's your kid

The $100/month that you are supposed to pay for 2 children isn''t even enough to pay for the food they eat, quit acting like a douche and just pay it already!

you still owe me money but your always out shopping and going to movies! #getittogether #mooch

your the worst boss ever. You're not motivating and it's only because of who you married on why your still hear just leave

You look ridiculous when you are staring while listening in our convos. Focus on your work so you quit making so many mistakes! Mind your business

MIL- You can't tell someone you're so glad your kids are all alive at their own son's funeral. It's not okay!!

if you SNIFF 1more time I'm gonna flip my lid. BLOW YOUR DAMN NOSE!

hey boss, fire her already. I've shown you three ways how she's stealing from your company. Get the hint and fire her

To the guy that came to our doorstep and entered us into a free raffle: Don’t tell us that we won a prize, set up a time to drop it off and then when you show up decide to inform us that we have to try out one of your products that takes 3 hours of our time before we can get our prize. Keep yo free prize bish, be upfront with people.

To the stupid architect who designed my custom home. We told you six months ago we want a very simple home and our budget is $350,000 and you designed us a $700,000 house you a******. Now because of you we are 2 months behind on our build. And the fact that when we told you you designed and a house we can''t afford you laughed it off and said "oh this happens all the time." Then 4 then proceeded to charge us another thousand dollars to redesign. I hate you you a******.

mom, you need to go to the doctor and get your anxiety under control because your behavior is going to ruin your relationship with your grandkids just like it did ours.

to that guy at Cafe Rio yesterday that I told off after you were super rude to a young girl who accidentally messed up your order screw you! You re an old white dude has no right to ever talk to anyone that way piss off

Your my everything, but please stop letting the girls sleep in our bed!!

dear cyclists I m all for sharing the road, but when you re given 3-4 ft lanes quit riding that white line closest to the cars. We can’t respect your space when you’re almost in ours.

Hey younger peeps, you will not die from working 40 hrs a week. Quit calling with your lame arse "sick" excuses. I''ve been shownyour Snapchat!=<

hey family in law, this is my wedding, you will wear whatever color dress I tell you. You have all had your own wedding so so stop acting like this

I understand that u came from a wealthy family but that doesn''t mean u can treat people like ur maid, u want respect give respect, this is work place not ur house and we are older than u so pls watch ur language missy!!

This is for my husbands girlfriend. Anyone who can date a married man with a seven month pregnant wife needs serious mental help. I hope you get it. You two deserve each other.

first off who moves to college with their kid? Come on! And second..:you're a perv that has no business being near a college campus! #loserdad #creepy

It's really getting old it's either our marriage or your best friend. I am sick of our family being second best! Grow up all ready or you will lose us!!

if you would quit talking in circles our meetings would be a lot more productive.

hey guy in the tannish gold Range Rover whatever the guy in the Peterbilt did is not worth brake checking him and stopping everyone on I-15

male management please stop letting female employees wear date/club wear in an office environment. We know you love it but other people don't

dear boss the manager that's always fire him he doesn't work anyway . Can't expect employees to be on time if managers aren't

No solicitors means no freaking solicitors. Stop knocking on my door saying "I'm not selling anything". You are and I don't want it!

To my shift manager, I was excited to leave my store to go watch the birth of my niece. I hope your fake illness was worth it since I missed her birth. Don''t ask me to do anything for you anytime soon.

if you have to make others feel bad about themselves to feel good about yourself. You need help. I don't care if your only 16 stop!

it's ok 2 go 2 dinner with your sisters w/out your wife. I know you don't trust each other But she doesn't need to be w/ you for EVERYTHING!

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