TEXT TOPIC: Do you know a parent that pits the kids against each other?

I was married for 16 years we had three kids out of those three kids so far I have lost two of them because my ex-wife pitted them against me and luckily because of my new wife we have been able to help my last child be able to understand that it''s OK that she can love both her mom and her dad. I''m not sure if I''ll ever haveA solid relationship with my two older boys Due to my ex causing such alienation between them and I. It''s seriously sucks

my dad was always the reason my brother and I hated each other. It's been 15 years and we don't speak to each other at all. Even if we're around each other

pretty sure I do this with my children. New flash I need to learn to shut my mouth

mom. Whoever gave the best gifts or did something to make her look good was the fave. Luckily, my sibs and I caught this & we are close.

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