TEXT TOPIC: Did you recently make a bad decision?

didn't go to bed early enough last night and I'm paying for it now

online shopped for a swimsuit & was in between sizes & went up. Its too big! Bought the smaller size but too much of a hassle to mail the other for a return


Sold our home to pay off debt. Moved in with the in laws... now with the housing market the way it is.. we are stuck!

Started talking to an old fling to be nice, now Im sucked in and don't want to stop but I'm married and now that I need to ASAP. #BadDecision

accepting what I thought was my dream job. Big mistake that has me 22 weeks pregnant and in a deep depression

spent 160$ behind my partners back.

I decided to learn how to ride a motorcycle by getting on a pit bike after a few drinks and crashed into a fence. Cut arm up and was really bruised.

bad decision was taking stepdaughter on cruise. She was horrendous, that won’t happen again!

sent a few nude photos to a couple of guys at work on snap chat (thank goodness they didn’t screenshot them) now they deleted me and barely talk tome. I feel so ashamed. One was married and the other was way younger.

Running half marathons with my health issues. It takes twice as long to recover.

my 6 year old son decided to go outside and peed on his 3 year old brother he was grounded for a week

bad decision to not wear an undershirt today. This bra is too big, the girls are swinging and it's going to be a looooong day.

Husband complains how hairy I am so I got a Brazilian and full leg wax. He doesn't even like it. So painful, it was a bad decision.

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