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I do the billing for the business office in a nursing home, and many people don’t understand that just because you have 100 Medicare days does not mean you’re entitled to all of them. There are varying factors that affect how many days you can use.

I used to work for a nursing home back east. Please, please do your research on nursing homes. Where I was employed at, some of the nurses... would physically, verbally abuse the residents. In and in one case there was sexual abuse. I remember one nurse was serving food up a resident... the resident spilled his drink on the nurse and he got upset. Took the food away and for 2 days would take the food and In front of the nurse would throw it away... eventually I had quit for what I came to see. I and 3 others spoke up. And the nursing home was closed down and several of the employees had criminal charges.

what people may not know about nursing homes is how rude nurses can be. I worked for a few months and had to quit. I got a migraine one day and the head nurse wouldn’t let me go home or give me any Tylenol to calm it. She wouldn’t let me go buy any either. another thing is how rude caregivers treat loved ones. I caught a guy yelling in a old veterans face and spitting on him. I jumped right in and pulled him out of the room and reported him. Nursing home shrugged it off and let him continue to work

I volunteer at one and one of the elderly's tells me how they sleep around and most of them have aids

I am a CNA. We are usually so short staffed that I am in charge of 12 patients to myself, the only thing I have time to do is change the patient feed them and get them back into bed. Most patients spend the majority of their time in bed. Smh. Nursing homes should be a last resort.

worked In assisted living. PPE only can in one size (xl) for nurses, diabetic needles were reused, meds we're passed by CNA not qualified nurses.

my brother was over medicated and hog tied here at a local hospital

I was a aid and would lay down with an elderly resident that would cry for her mother to comfort her until she would go to sleep.

yes my grandma is in a home and we had to move her they wasn’t bathing her nothing she got multiple uti''s because of it and used her dementia on it we put in a hidden camera pretty sad and pathetic all the people that worked there were under the age of 25

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