TEXT TOPIC: Who is exhausting to be around?

Who is exhausting to be around? 

My toddler is exhausting to be around

My sister-in-law is ridiculously exhausting to be around. She stays with men who abuse her, keeps having kids, drinks, and spreads everything she hears.

my boyfriends mom is so exhausting to be around. She’s always wanting more time with him when he wants to spend it with me. She’s controlling of his every move. Makes him feel guilty if he doesn’t do what she wants. Puts me on the spot, "I know you’re in charge so I you want to do something with me then it’s up to you." Manipulates more time when we do spend time with her. Luckily my boyfriend sees most of it but she still comes between us all the time

My Mom! I swear she loves the sounds of her own voice. She’s a gossip, she re-tells the same stories & exaggerates more each time. If she finds a story she likes she’ll read it out loud, even if it’s multiple pages long

have a co worker who tells stories constantly! Even super inappropriate things like when she was raped or how she has transvestite grandkids and there hormone replacements etc. By the end of my shift I want to pull my hair out.

it’s my wife. She’s incredibly incredibly controlling about what we do when we do and how we do it. She is very pushy all the time and extremely impatient but simply can’t have anyone be pushy to her. She’s also extremely irritable and you never know what could set her off, once she gets here at 8 it she make sure that you’re irritated with her

My mom-in law & Sis in law.. always have to keep my guard up, everything is a competition & have to watch out for back stabbing

Known my ''friend'' since we were 12.. constantly belittle me and made me feel guilty if I ever did anything better than her. The DRAMA was unreal! Purposely burned the bridge before she went in her mission. Best 2 years ever!! I promise I’m not a catty person either

my best friend she never quits complaining or being the victim. She expects different results to come from the same doors she opens

my coworker I sit next too. Everything is always so dramatic and she gets herself so worked up over every little thing. Have both head phones in right now so she will leave me alone lol

My Girlfriend she likes to be able to be in control of a lot of the things and if she is not then she uses her depression or anxiety as an excuse to be controlling, takes a lot of love and patience

my MOTHER. She self medicates and is super paranoid, emotional, and hyper sensitive. It''s like dealing with an adult infant. It''s feels like a mind game that we can never get away from. We are always on egg shells. Us kids are always wondering if we are the crazies. Too much effort spent on her.

My sil is a mental case, always the victim and wants to talk shit about her life and her situation and husband but doesn''t actually make any changes and she is oddly possessive of my husband and at times my eye brows and different things....putting space between us is hard, she''s always acting like she''s involved in my relation when we are hanging out with our friends

have a friend that lives out of state and she is SO NEGATIVE ALL THE TIME. She just got engaged and she can''t find anything good about her life. It''s exhausting.

my adult niece. She. Never. stops. Talking! Everything is everyone else's fault. Total lack of self awareness. Grrrrrr

my sister is very touchy. We all walk on egg shells around her. Its exhausting!

my step dad has never liked my moms kids. However she died this past October so I call him occasionally because he’ll send me short texts about certain things and I want to know what he’s talking about. I have to make sure I have nothing else to do for the next hour or so. He’ll talk and complain about my brother, his kids etc and last time it took me an hour after I said I had to go to get off the phone with him after listening to him complain an hour. He''s Mr. negativity.

My MIL. She's so high energy and go go go all. The. Time. We can't even relax on vaca, she needs to see everything.

my roommate. She drinks excessively and constantly wants to talk... I might sound mean but I'm over it

my father in-law is exhausting. Pits the siblings against one another with holds information is the most selfish man alive

have a friend that thinks we are a lot better friends than we are and feels the need to invite himself to things and then complains that he''s not being entertained enough while we''re hanging out

my sister in law is so exhausting!! She finds the negative in everything and complains about everything!! It's so hard to be around her

Friend who was dramatic as hell. Complain about everything. I would offer advice but she wouldn’t  take it. So I ended the friendship. Couldn’t do t

it's my father-in-law unless he's high he is wound up tighter than skin on a grape

my sister in law is always soooo jealous. No matter what it is. She''s always competing. I always say that I''m so boring to compete with because I don''t care!

Mother in law. She's way too up our butts and keeps saying things like "but it's my son"

I think its me with my kids, I just want them to be good people so I get on them all the time and they're grown adult....uuurrrgggv

My mother in law! She was married to my husband''s dad for 14 yrs, then decided that she''s gay. They split about 8 yrs ago, and in those 8 years she''s been married 5x, and her last marriage that only lasted 6mo is officially over. Papers signed 3 days ago, and she''s already dating someone else.

My boss comes in the office everyday& sits on KSL looking at things to buy for himself but complains he never has money. He looks on KSL for over 6hours everyday

The girl at work that will. not. shut. up. And has to one up anything anyone else says. I can't get started with examples or I'd never stop.

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