TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! June 11, 2018

Had an amazing rooftop party last night with great people celebrating my 2 year anniversary living in Denver!

graduated nursing school on Saturday morning! I'M A NURSE!

my hubby came home on Friday from being in Mexico for a week and I missed him. So happy he's home :)

Celebrated a 50th, 40th birthdays and a 10 year wedding anniversary with a huge party! Love you Bobby!

My wife is just a couple weeks away from giving birth to our 3rd baby girl ''d''d''d

Finally recovering at home after being in the ICU on a ventilator for weeks battling pneumonia, ARDS and sepsis. Happy to be alive.

After years and years of school and paying my dues with my company, I just started my new dream position and finally making some good money.

Finally moved out of the in-laws!

signed up for a work at home program and got accepted. I start this week so I won't need to worry about getting up that early in the morning.

We close on our first house today!!! Yahhh!! Love listening to you guys!!

met my boyfriends kids for the first time over the weekend and it went so much better than I expected!

finally over my 3-day spout of diarrhea

was on the road for 24 hours straight so I can go get my very pregnant sister from California, I haven’t seen her in years and would do it again if I had to

celebrated parents 50th anniversary. A ton of fun family time.

10 month old has slept through the night the last 2 nights. Use to wake 3 times a night. Sleep training paid off!!!

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