TEXT TOPIC: Are you banking on your inheritance from your parents?

Are you banking on your inheritance from your parents for your retirement plan?

my 2 bro-in-laws are banking on it! They make comments about them spending money. They didn’t laugh when my in-laws made my husband the executor of their estate.

my aunt was banking on a couple million when my grandpa died. She didn't realize both parents need to be dead to get all of it.

My sister in law is banking on my grandpas inheritance. Which will be in the millions but she is racking up HUGE debt, so if it doesn’t happen then she’s screwed.

my in-laws have a huge house, good sized yard, timeshare, food storage (for the 2nd coming!!), tools, and maybe $100k

I’m in a family of ten kids I’m the 8th of 10 majority of them think they are getting 400k plus minimum each.. I’m my dads business partner and I know his $$... there’s nothing. they will be lucky to get 50k each from life insurance.

It would be catastrophic for me if either of my parents died but should I be concerned that my husband constantly asks about it?

my husband lost it mentally and hasn’t been able to provide. While we are trying to figure things out my in laws have helped us financially. We have4 small kids. My sister in law has thrown fit after fit for taking her parents Money because she’s expecting to inherit that money.

my brother thinks he is gonna get my dads inheritance and I told him that dad will be buried with it before he hands it out, good luck bro

my husband will be getting money from his father when his father passes away but he is racking up credit card debt faster than we could ever pay it off even with that inheritance. His dad is always threatening to take him out of the will

wife's uncles are already planning on a big payout. Huge property in Lehi. Never around to help unless it's could impact their potential $

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