TEXT TOPIC: What purchase did you lie to your spouse about?

booked A photo shoot fit $200. And that's all my spouse knows, I paid $1500 to get the photos

get my eyelashes done twice a month and he thinks I only pay $30 actually once a month when in all reality I pay $80 twice

bought a snowboard on sale for $500 told my wife I paid 200 used

had a girls night we went and got tattoos. Told my husband I paid 40 but really paid 80. The tattoo isn't that big

Just got makeup pkg for 80$, told hubby it was a part of a previous purchase & it was on backorder

my husband when he was alive bought a snake. Told me it was $100.00. Got the bill. Ended up being $250.00. Amazed he didn't think I'd find out.

When I bought my new .45 I told my wife it was 850 and she was fine with that. It was really only 450 but I bought a bunch of other accessories and stuff to go with it and some nice ammunition... Love you honey.. LMBO

my biggest fear is if I die before my wife she will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

how about your husband buying a new HORSE and you not finding out until AFTER the deal is done.=3 let’s just say it happened more than once...

bought a patio set for 900 told hubby it was 400! No regrets mama pays the bills and he loves it, uses it every night!

So I bought a play set and told my husband it was $2500 it was actually $5700.00. So I split it up and put it on to two cards so I could buy time to tell him!

Every time I get my hair done I would tell My husband the cost minus at least $70

my husband thinks I pd 100 for pink tickets it was really 300..

wanted to send my kid to a good preschool. I told my husband it was $80 a month but it was really $160

my puppy, told the wife 1000$ he was 2500$ she loves him too though...

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