TEXT TOPIC: What did you do to get out of a ticket?

Holy Smokes, my Mormon van goes that fast? He couldn’t stop laughing and sent me on my way... I was doing 86 on the freeway =,

My girlfriend is a diabetic we were about 4 miles from Duchenne and I was doing 80. Diabetic reaction to keep me out of it. the highway patrol officer made her take a glucose tablet in front of him then followed us into town.

Told the officer I was in labor (still had 3 months to go) and he escorted me to the hospital! oh Shiz

I find that if you're polite and recognize the error and apologize, you're more likely to not get a ticket. It works every time!

I get out of tickets cause I conceal carry. Has worked multiple times

my excuse once when I got pulled over was that I was really scared thinking something was going to pop up or chase me. I was going 50 in a 40 zone

Was speeding on a motorcycle, pretended to shiver. Said I was freezing and that I just wanted to get home. Worked like a charm.

my sister in-law got pulled over on the freeway. When asked if she knew she what speed she was going she told the officer "I’m so sorry, I just started my period and I am trying to get Home so I don’t bleed all over the seat". He let her go and walked away looking at her like she had some sort of contagious disease. #dontmesswithflow

when I get pulled over I just start crying uncontrollably. They always let me go lol

I was going 40 in a 25 told the officer I was leaving for vacation and I was late getting my kids he just told me to slow down

dropped my husbands name he was a captain in the fire department in the city I pulled over in. Cop said What! I can't give you a ticket!!

PO coming back from bridal shower, party favors X rated. Opened glove box for regist. PF fell out. Cop smiled, returned my license said have a nice day

"I did not know the speed limit was 55" I was going 65. He asked do you work at the hospital? I said yes. He said, slow down and have a nice day.

my husband gets out of tickets because he keeps pretending he doesn't speak English and he hasn't had a cop that speaks Spanish yet

on my way home from wendover was doing 90 got pulled over told the officer my wife was having a baby officer said slow down and have a good day no ticket

for expired tags I was honest and apologized. That worked. The explosive diarrhea excuse has worked before too, especially if you can pinch one off as they approach the window. That really sells it.

I can always get out of a ticket if I have my stethoscope and name badge on... nursing school pays off!

One night at 2 am going back home after work I got pulled over in a predominantly white rich people area in Utah county. I told cop I had been helping my wife at work cleaning LDS church blds. He ended up thanking me everything I did for community. True but worked out. I was going 66 on a 50 mph Rd.

My aunt was pregnant and speeding. She wasn't in labor, but when she got pulled over she glanced at her stomach and the cop let her go!

I got out of a ticket at the airport we had just dropped off my husband for a three week business trip in the kids were sobbing in the back and the cop Felt so bad for them he let me out of a ticket

"sorry but my husband has to poop"

This worked for me, somehow: "I''ve got nothin'', just nothin''. I thought of some excuse, but wouldn''t waste your time...just plain nothin''. Wow, I''m not usually at a loss for words."

I got pulled over for speeding the day before my wedding. I started bawling and told the officer ,"I''m getting married tomorrow!"=- He let me off with a warning.

Alisa here. Remember my story? I faked my Asian accent and acted like a foreign exchange student, driving in USA for the 1st time. Lol!

I told the officer I was trying to outrun an aggressive driver. I was actually racing him. I got out of it.

got out of a ticket because I told him I was on my way to my bridal shower. He told me to consider it a gift from the highway patrol

was on my way home from work, I worked at Hooters. LOL!

had our entire family sick and vomiting coming back from a wedding in Vegas, cop took on wif and let us go

got pulled over doing 20 over, on my way to football camp with my boys, cop was a coach and let me go with a warning

The cop asked me how fast I was going and I told him the truth (I was speeding for certain). He said thanks for being honest. Please slow down and have a nice day. Telling the truth does pay off

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