TEXT TOPIC: Who isn't invited to the wedding and why?

my sister is engaged and getting married next year and is not letting either of my parents come.

my fiance will not invite her grandma because her grandma is always putting her mom down

most of my family are not invited to weddings. Family brawl broke out at mine over 20 yrs ago. My dad, my bro & his wife at the time, my cousin & his wife at the time & others all fighting each other. They use my wedding as what NOT to do & who you DONT invite!

Sis in law uninvited me from her wedding because of me not agreeing with her wedding day being the same as her sis and she knows I'll cause trouble

my sister inlaw, she is the oldest in the family but yet she's acting like a kid, super dramatic, bipolar & It's never her fault.

my dad still cant come to any events. He and my mom got divorced over 15 years ago and he still can't get over it and just be decent. #stupid

Getting married later this year and my Uncle on my mom''s side is not invited he makes everything about him and gets sloppy drunk at every occasion. Also takes every Chance he can to tell me how overweight I am even though I''ve lost a 100 lbs in the last year

My daughter just got married last weekend. Didn't invite her bio dad because she wanted my husband of 23 yrs to walk her down the isle.

someone VERY close to me.. their mom isn''t going to their wedding here in a few months. She was not invited because she is so much drama and burned all ties with her family. Her mom had no idea her daughter was getting married until a friend asked her about it and apparently she started crying.

I'm not inviting most of my dads side to my wedding because they are arrogant and rude at family events

Mom won t be coming to the wedding. Hates the fact that I m gay

My grandmother is racist and told me I can''t marry my Dominican fianc. His whole family is going to be there and she cannot keep her mouth shut. She’s tried multiple times to set me up with different people throughout our engagement. Don’t want to invite her because I know she’ll make racist comments throughout the entire day.

i'm not inviting my niece or her three bebe kids to my wedding she is drama all the time and her kids tear things up

My sister and SIL don''t get along. They were told if they couldn''t keep it together for my wedding, they shouldn''t come. My SIL ended up not coming to my wedding.

we debated inviting my dad and ended up inviting him but then had to tell him to get it together or get out

my father was invited to the wedding but I uninvited him after he cheated on and left my mother 2 weeks before my wedding.

My ex best friend dropped me as a maid of honor because I wouldn''t drop everything for her. Due to work. But still invited to the wedding. Not going, just too much drama

my dad hasn't been apart of my life until just recently. It's come down to whether or not to invite him

my wedding in April, fiances 1st cousin (also my ex bff I''ve known for 20+ yrs) & the family aren''t welcome. She & I fell out a few yrs back over her treatment of my kids.

hubs parents r divorced. His dad was invited but refused to go bc he loathes hubs Mom. Hubs is his only child too

My mom and stepdad sued me and my husband shortly before my sister got married. My sister chose to invite us and not them.

dont wanna invite future sil&bil.They're drama,1 upper, Inconsiderate,fake,center of attention ppl & always put me down. if I don't I'll be the bad guy.

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