TEXT TOPIC: What did you take in the literal sense as a kid?

some lady called me a towhead because I was so blonde. I yelled at her that no I wasn't, I did NOT have toes on my head!

egg farm!! I thought they grew eggs on bushes or trees!! Not sure how but figured that's what it had to be. I believed that until I was like 13

me and my sister were little my sister was giving my mom attitude so she told her to knock the chip off her shoulder so my sister brushed her shoulder

thought Karl Malone was a real mailman. As a kid I assumed b-ball players didn't get paid well so that's why he had a "real" job.

I was convinced Arizona didn''t exist because of the song "There is NO Arizona" by Jamie O''Neal. My Dad went on a business trip and brought me an Arizona magnet to prove it is there.

those old commercials 4 gushers&Tang freaked me out. I thought u would turn into an orangutan or have a fruit head if u ate them

truck "died" in middle of an intersection, dad yelled F! WHAT A PLACE TO DIE! At 6 I thought we were goners I burst into tears. Traumatic!!

thought counterclockwise meant you took the clock off the wall and put it on the counter I couldn''t figure out why it was different I thought this until I was 16

my husband and I took our kids to Outback for dinner, it was winter and really cold and my son said "Mom do we really have to eat outback" lol

raining cats and dogs. Wanted a puppy so I thought I had to wait outside in the rain. Still don't know why they say the phrase

Told son had a hole in my chin when I spilled some water he looked to see.

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