TEXT TOPIC: Who is the busy body in the family?

Who is the busy body in the family?

the nosey person in my family is definitely my mother-in-law if she's not the first one to find something out or to hear about something she throws a fit

My mom and sister are both the busybodies of the Family. My mom is always getting into everyone’s business and always has something to say about them (mostly my siblings and I), and my sister Facebook stalks me and all my friends I associate with, getting jealous when I like or comment on someone’s post she doesn’t approve of.

insane busy body. Constantly asking about things that aren’t even her business or butting into conversations. And then brings it up later. Woman’s gotta stop.

busybody is my mother's middle name! It took me YEARS to create a healthy separation between us

My Mom is always asking personal questions to try and know my private info That’s not the worst If she gets info she tells the whole family thinking everyone wants to know like she does None of us kids want to talk to her about anything

everyone in my family! My twin is married, now the constant questions are about who I'm dating & when I plan on getting married. All. The. Time.

My wife, mother and mother in law and every Hispanic woman is busy bodies. They want to know everything and always have an opinion about everything.

Definitely my sister-in-law. Just an example. The other day we were all supposed to meet at the park And my wife and I drop the kids off and headed back out really quick and we came back and she said oh what did you guys need from Walmart.. just fishing. We went to Maverick. Always does stuff

my grandma is the busy body everytime id leave the house she'd ask where I'm going and wanted to know who I'm "necking"?? I didn't know what that meant

Guys! ALL PERSIAN MOMS! Especially mine! They are busy body''s!They are like the FBI question everything you do hahah = They could put the FBI out of business!

my mom use to ask questions when I got divorced, always calling and asking where, why and what am I doing. My dad just show up at the door anytime a day checking on me. I had to let them know that they can ask all this questions when they start playing my bills. I end up moving to different address but didn’t have them my address for 2 years.

came out and my mom told everyone before I could !

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