TEXT TOPIC: When did you become self aware?

When did you become self aware?

realized I was a topper. I always had to top people's stories. I still get the urge sometimes, but I let it go And ask questions about their story.

yell @ my kids for being human while I make the same human mistakes. Teacher sent out a link to all parents & it opened my eyes. #Grateful

I was listening to your show talking about how weird it to kiss family on the lips..., I''m a mouth kisser! I kiss my mom, dad, grams, sis, nieces ,everyone! Apparently it''s not Normal for most of society. #sorrynotsorry

Over time I realized I was one of those drama vague booking queens because of the "on this day" app. I was so embarrassed and cringe whenever I see one of my posts pop up. So glad I grew up.

around my own family by myself I am super annoying, but I am totally different with my wife around, I am amazed by how much marriage has changed me.

became self aware that I’m addicted to social media and my phone so I deleted the apps on my phone and have been struggling but it’s crazy how obsessed I am!

apparently say thank you to much. To a point where I annoy people. So now I try to just say it once and I say thank you in my head lol

I'm not a good listener, I always try to give solutions to problems rather than just listening and being a friend

early twenties I was complaining about my job to my boss when he sent me down and asked why my Outlook is so bad. He said that I could live my life seeing the negative and everything but he promised that if I actually tried to see the positive in life that I’ve been ultimately find more happiness. That’s what I realized that I was a, what is the world doing for me, kind of person. Since then I’ve tried to look at what I can do for the world and have lead a much happier life

Making a decision ordering food and not taking forever to tell the server what you want and when you make an appointment at a professional office don t tell everybody all my kids have soccer practice on this day I m doing this just make the dang appointment I know this because I have been a server and worked in the professional office and that was me now I know

My brother told me that I am the type of person that always looks like I have it together. Therefore he says I don't need as much love as my other

realized I am a hoarder just like my grandma and dad. We are moving and I don't want to get rid of anything #hubbyaen'thappy

anytime I had a problem I''d talk to EVERYONE about the issue. It ended up biting me in the butt when everyone in the neighborhood labeled me as a gossiper. It took over a year of isolation from everyone and anxiety attacks when I realized that I just need to keep my mouth shut because I was causing more issues than what the issue was that i thought I had.

At performance review I asked if there was anything I should work on and the boss mentioned I needed to start doing something with my hair

had a boss tell that he could tell I was from a big family because I interrupted a lot. Now I shut up and listen. And notice my family does it.

When I got married I realize that I am selfish. My generosity has always been on my own terms, and when you get married you have to be giving even when you don’t want to

told by coworker I don't let people in. I know I put wall up but didn't know so obvious

realized that I am a total a-hole. I thought I was just being fun with my buddies but instead I was being a jerk!!!!

whenever I feel awkward or uncomfortable I tend to make inappropriate jokes.

people will tell me really big news and I always give such a basic reaction and it makes it look like I don't care.

Found out I was a fixer when ppl talk about problems. Had to learn to ask are you venting or are we fixing

will try to relate to anyone I talk to, to tell them my story.... Yeah I need to shut my mouth.

I was told I am too honest and the way I phrase things hurts feelings without trying to. Had to learn to be more sensitive when asked and answering a question.

Just the other day, my parents asked me a question at the same time. I said wow 1 at a time. They told me i was treating them like kids and being rude. Didnt know i was doing that

I''m an oversharer. I''ve had some crazy awful stuff happen to me, I will talk about it freely because it is normal to me, not realizing i''m freaking everyone out

I'm the over worker. I work so hard at work that I'm too tired for my family when I get home!

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