TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text? June 5, 2018

Tired of hearing how much you hate your job do something about it or shut the hell up

stop blaming your problems on me and making me the scapegoat for your inadequate leadership. I'm a damn good employee, so suck it.

My husband needs to get off his damn phone. He is addicted to social media. I never see his face anymore

Dear neighbor. Learn how to irrigate without flooding others. Water will not flow uphill just because you turn it up. You have zero self awareness.

mom, unlike you I actually know how to handle my finances and not overspend so please stop "joking" about my "spending, spending, spending".

Get over your breakup 6mo ago! Stop complaining about being broke and then coming into work late with Starbucks and complain about being at work!

Stop being so lazy and do the work. There is no such thing as a get rich quick plan. Grow up

okay "boss"... act like you're a friend to everyone then talk bad behind their backs and get them fired. Real cool.

You're a spoiled brat with a douche fiancée. Nobody approves of your wedding day being the same as your sisters anniversary. Ashamed I'm related.

you're my attorney I'm paying you for a reason, the least you can do is get back to my email Before I find a new one!

to my husband''s team lead..stop hitting on my husband and inviting him and my kids to go to lagoon with you. He’s a happily married and faithful man.Go find someone else!

And you wonder why I can't stand you. You dont bother to come to our daughters High School Graduation!

No one in our group likes playing ball with you. You constantly complain and everyone is sick of it. It's not our fault you aren't good.

yep you got fired. Get over it! You know you had it coming. We're all happier that you're gone

To the team get off your butt and help clients stop drawing on paper, don’t wonder why everyone wants me to help them now u know why i have more clientele. Pull your weight

Hey Barbie, don't u have any other vocabulary beside "OH I LUV U" here in the office we all know it's all fake, just like u Barbie doll.

stop playing the race card. People aren't calling you out on shiz because of your race we are calling you out because you're an idiot

hey neighbor stop hammering your walls at midnight. You live in a town home and people can hear you!

Stop pretending like your the most wonderful mom because your a stay at home parent now. Stop throwing it in my face, I don't care, you still suck

don''t waste your tears over his death. He was a terrible father and an even worse husband. Just because you were his gym buddy doesn''t mean you knew him at all.

Dear Prius drivers, Please for the love of god Learn to drive

hire more security. The weed smell at the concert was disgusting!!!!

if our relationship mattered to u, you’d take time to talk your GF instead of going to a concert

No one wants to hear you complain that your fat. Every chance you get you go get food at the cafe and tell us that you''re too lazy/busy to workout. Do the work and not complain. It''s annoying

Your son is a grown up. Quit making him for guilty for wanting to spend time with his long term serious girlfriend instead of you 24/7. It hurts yourrelationship more than helps it. Quit babying him and let him make his own decisions. He''s almost 30!

I am so tired of you acting like you care for your children. You only show interest when your mother and sisters get after you for being a dead beatdad. 32 hrs a year seeing your kids is not a good dad. Your a horrible person for telling your children you have a new family and love them more. You refuse to help provide for your son on a mission. Get the hell out of our lives!

Stop being a bridezilla. Nobody wants to go to your horribly planned wedding. Especially after the way you let you friends talk to your family. Grow up

Maybe if I got a little help around the house, I wouldn't be so ornery all the time...

me being the employee that's been here the longest is not something to thank me for. I've been here for a year PS I'm leaving @ the end of the month

I absolutely hate you and your mother with a black burning hatred I never knew I can have it is not okay that you tried to take my children away. Child Protective Services is there to help children who really need it!

Yes I know I''m largely pregnant there are 2 in there no I''m not going to pop I still have 2 months, no we weren''t trying for twins how do you try for twins anyways?! Yes they are natural! No we still don''t have names for them! Don''t ask it''s none of your freaking business anyways!

We're adults stop inviting us to a bring all your own food and drinks bbq at your house. I'll just stay home thanks.

I really wish you would man up and get a job and help me support your kids I didn't make them on my own

You say that we are best friends but this friendship feels way one sided

Nope Xhusband I don''t want to come to watch your promotion at the same location you cheated on me and threw away your family 5 years ago ''< #sorrynotsorry

why aren't you fired yet, you don't even come to work and you only work part time

I'm sick and tired of you posting about how "happy" you and your abusive husband are when we all know it's a lie.

Hey FIL, your wife is a bitch! Grow a set and tell her to stop treating your kids and grandkids like crap!

Dear boss, If you actually told the truth for once then maybe the team would respect you. Right now we all think your a d-less man child

your daughter is a bully we were glad when she left the soccer team. She is not better cause she has a mean heart.

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